May 4, 2022

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11 Best Animaker Alternatives for Creating Awesome Videos

If you're looking for Animaker alternatives, you've come to the right place. Animaker is a great tool to create animation videos, but it's not the only one.

This blog post will discuss 11 of the best Animaker alternatives for creating awesome videos. These tools offer a variety of features and options, so you're sure to find one that meets your needs.

Let's get started.

What is Animaker?

Animaker is a powerful online tool that makes it easy for anyone to create engaging, high-quality animated videos.

Whether you need to make an explainer video, an animated presentation, or even a simple cartoon, Animaker is a perfect choice.

Its drag-and-drop interface makes it quick and intuitive to use, and it comes with a wide range of built-in customizable templates that you can customize to your liking.

With Animaker's intuitive features, anyone can transform their ideas into professional-looking animations in just minutes. So if you're looking for a quick solution to create animations, look no further than Animaker.

11 Best Animaker Alternatives for making explainer videos

While Animaker is a great tool, it's not the only option. Several Animaker alternatives can also help you create awesome videos.

Here is a comprehensive list of the best Animaker alternatives:

1. Visme - Great tool for creating animated videos

Number one on my list of Animaker alternatives is Visme.

When creating engaging online content, Visme is an invaluable tool.

This intuitive software platform makes it quick and easy to create professional-looking presentations, infographics, and other visual content.

Whether you have been creating animations for a long time or you are just starting, Visme offers the perfect tools and templates to help you achieve your creative goals.

With a wide range of customization options, easy collaboration features, and a sleek user interface, Visme truly allows anyone to bring their ideas to life.

So if need a flexible Alternative to Animaker to take your online content to the next level, don't hesitate to give Visme a try.

What I like

  • Easy to use
  • Excellent customer service
  • Very easy to share infographics
  • Great for creating compelling business presentations
  • Vibrant slide designs

What I don't like

  • Generic templates
  • Lacks some elements
  • Lack of template customization


Visme offers a free plan and three paid subscription plans for personal and business users.

The personal plan is priced at $12.25 per user/month, billed yearly, and the business plan is priced at $24.75 per user/month, also billed yearly. Enterprise plans are available for medium to large organizations upon request.

Overall, Visme is an excellent Animaker alternative and is perfect for those looking for an easy-to-use platform with a wide range of features.

2. Powtoon

Another Animaker alternative that you should consider is Powtoon.

Powtoon is a popular animation tool that helps businesses and individuals create engaging, animated videos.

With Powtoon, you can easily create explainer animation, product demonstrations, training videos, etc.

The platform contains a lot of built-in templates and characters that you can use to create your videos, or you can start from scratch and design your own.

Powtoon's simple drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to get started, even if you have no prior experience with video creation.

Plus, Powtoon offers a free plan for personal use, so you can try it out before committing to a paid subscription.

What I like

  • Free plan available
  • Easy to use interface
  • Lots of built-in templates and characters
  • Can you upload your photos and videos
  • Integrates with YouTube and Facebook

What I don't like

  • Limited customization options in the free plan
  • It takes time to load due to the huge number of features
  • Time restriction is limiting


Powtoon offers a free plan as well as three paid plans. The Pro plan is $19 per month, the Pro+ plan is $69 per month, and the Agency plan is $99 per month.

All the paid plans include Powtoon branding removed, the ability to download as MP4, Full HD video (1080p), Full privacy control, Commercial rights, and 24/7 priority support.

If you are looking for an Animaker alternative that offers a free plan, Powtoon is a great option.

While the free plan does have some limitations, it's still a great way to get started with video creation. And, if you find that you need more features, the paid plans are reasonably priced.

3. RawShorts

When it comes to creating video content, raw video footage can often be intimidating. It can be difficult to put together a coherent video with multiple shots and angles, not to mention effects, titles, and transitions.

Lucky for us, there is an easier way of creating professional videos - with the help of artificial intelligence technology.

The RawShorts platform utilizes advanced AI algorithms to automatically transform the text into stunning videos with just a few clicks.

Whether you're working on a commercial or marketing campaign, product launch, or presentation for school or work, this powerful AI tool makes it easy to quickly produce high-quality videos that command attention and engage your audience.

So if you're looking for a fast Animaker alternative, try using the innovative platform from RawShorts.

What I like

  • Quick and easy to use and understand
  • Lots of templates
  • Plenty of objects to use
  • Easy to use drag and drop feature
  • Ability to hire talent on Rawshorts

What I don't like

  • Lack of template customization
  • No offline solution
  • Limited customer support


There are three subscription options available: Starter, Essential, and Business. The Starter plan is free to use, but it has some limitations in terms of features and export options. The Essential plan costs $39/mo and gives you access to all the software's features. And the Business plan costs $59/mo and includes additional features such as team collaboration and priority support.

Annual billing is also available for all plans at a discounted rate. So if you know you'll be using RawShorts for the long term, it's worth considering an annual subscription.

Overall, RawShorts is an excellent tool for creating video content. And with affordable pricing options and a free trial available, there's no reason not to try it.

4. Vyond - Easily create explainer videos

Vyond is another powerful Animaker alternative that helps you create engaging, animated videos for your business or personal projects.

Whether you are a founder looking to create engaging social media animation for your own company, or a teacher wanting to create engaging video lessons for your students, Vyond has everything you need to get started.

With an intuitive UI and lots of features/customizations, you can easily make videos that look great and convey your message with style. And best of all, Vyond is incredibly easy to use - even if you have no prior experience with animation software.

What I like

  • I love the ability to create unlimited videos.
  • Huge inventory of objects like custom characters and props
  • Very intuitive UX
  • Massive library of Full HD videos
  • Ability to export and import any media

What I don't like

  • Not mobile-friendly
  • lack of character sharing


Vyond offers four pricing plans to fit the needs of any business.

The Essential plan is set at $49 per month, The Premium plan goes for $89 per month, and The Professional plan is set at $159 per month. Finally, the Enterprise plan is customized to fit the needs of larger businesses. Contact Vyond for a custom quote.

No matter what size business you have, Vyond has a pricing plan to fit your needs.

5. Biteable

Looking for an easy way to create stunning video content?

With Biteable, you can create professional videos in just minutes, with no experience or special equipment required. Choose from a range of templates, start from scratch, and add your text, photos, and videos.

You can also customize your videos with music, transitions, and other effects.

Biteable is free to use, so you can create as many videos as possible without breaking the bank.

What I like

  • I like the free plan where you can access most features
  • Sleek UI
  • Its music library is excellent, with many music collections to choose from.
  • The videos and animations are of high quality
  • The Voiceover feature is a plus
  • Simple and easy to use

What I don't like

  • There is no Analytics
  • The templates have limited customization


When it comes to video editing, Biteable has you covered, no matter what your budget is.

Their free plan is perfect for individuals who want to create videos for personal use or small businesses on a tight budget.

For those who need more options, the Pro plan is only $99 per month, and it comes with everything you need for creating professional videos.

Finally, the Teams plan is perfect for businesses and organizations that need to collaborate on video projects. It's only $329 per month, and it comes with a host of features designed to make team collaboration easy.

6. VideoScribe

For anyone who's ever wanted to create engaging, informative videos without spending hours in front of a computer, VideoScribe is the perfect solution.

This easy-to-use software allows you to create professional-looking whiteboard animations without prior experience.

Select the images and text you want to include, and VideoScribe will do the rest. The result is a high-quality video that's perfect for sharing on social media or your website. And because the software is so easy to use, you can churn out videos at a super-low cost compared to the cost of hiring a professional animator.

VideoScribe is the perfect Animaker alternative for anyone who wants to create videos quickly and easily without breaking the bank.

What I like

  • The online support is excellent for users who need help along the way
  • The more than 6000 images are a great save for finding videos online.
  • I loved the ability to import and export scribe videos
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Easy to use
  • Free 7 days trial is perfect for everyone to test it out.
  • Unlimited video creation is a plus

What I don't like

  • Audio control is not good
  • No 4K export feature
  • Lacks fine-tuning custom images


VideoScribe offers a free trial to try out the software before committing to a paid plan.

They also have two paid plans; The monthly plan is set at $39 per month, and The Annual plan is priced at $14 per month.

They also have team plans which one can get by contacting them.

7. Wideo

One of the best alternatives to Animaker is Wideo.

Wideo is an online video development platform that makes creating engaging, animated videos easy.

With Wideo, you can create videos of any length, and there’s no need for any prior video experience.

The platform is simple to use and offers a wide range of features, including the ability to add music, images, and text to your videos.

You can download your video or share it directly on social media when you're finished.

Wideo is an excellent Animaker alternative for anyone who wants to create professional videos without prior experience.

What I like

  • I like the ability to edit individual elements
  • The ability to customize templates
  • No limitations on the animations
  • Ability to share within teams

What I don't like

  • The templates are not pro like others in this list.


Wideo pricing is flexible to allow anyone to create promo videos, regardless of their budget. The free plan is great if you want to test out the video platform and see if it's right for you.

The Basic plan starts at $59/mo and gives users access to more features and customization options.

The Pro plan starts at $99/mo and gives users even more features, including the ability to create HD videos.

Finally, the Pro+ plan starts at $199/mo and gives users all of the features that Wideo has to offer, including unlimited videos and export.

8. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark (Now Adobe Express) is a powerful Animaker alternative that makes it easy to create and share beautiful photos, presentations, and videos.

Whether you need to make a simple flyer or an elaborate presentation, Adobe Express can get the the job done quickly and easily.

Its intuitive interface makes it super easy to add text, graphics, shapes, pictures, icons, audio tracks, and professional video clips to your project. And with a wide variety of templates to choose from, you can be sure that Spark has the perfect template for you, whatever your creative vision may be.

So if you want to make something amazing without spending hours saving over a design program or endlessly fiddling with formatting settings, Adobe Spark is the tool for you.

What I like

  • I like the mobile app allowing me to create videos on the go
  • Easy to use
  • The high-resolution free images are a plus
  • The videos are professional

What I don't like

  • Although I love the mobile app, it is limited to graphics creator tools only.
  • The video length of 30 seconds is limiting.


Adobe express has two plans, one free and the other is a Premium plan going for $9.99/mo. The free plan helps you test out all the features with some Adobe branding. The Premium plan removes the Adobe branding, gives you more video length, and allows you to download your projects.

9. Animoto

Animoto is a great way to quickly and easily create engaging videos and explainer videos.

The platform makes it easy to add your photos and videos and music and text to create a professional-looking video in minutes.

Animoto is perfect for creating marketing videos, product demos, event recaps, etc. And because the videos are so easy to make, you can experiment with different styles and approaches easily.

Animoto also offers an animation part and a wide range of templates to quickly and easily start.

And, if you need support to getting started, Animoto also offers a huge library of video tutorials to help you learn the ropes.

What I like

  • It is very user friendly
  • The free plan is great. I used it and loved it
  • The huge number of customizable templates
  • The music library is also great
  • I like the ability to create pro videos

What I don't like

  • I could not edit individual video clips
  • The fonts are limited.


Animoto has both monthly and annual pricing models.

They have a free plan with all standard features; the Basic plan starts at $16/month, the Professional starts at $29/month, and the Professional Plus goes for $79 / month.


Another Animaker alternative is Renderforest.

Renderforest is a cloud-based video maker that offers users a variety of video templates.

With Renderforest, you can create explainer videos, whiteboard animations, logo stingers, etc.

The platform is simple to use and does not require any experience with video editing. You can start by choosing a template, and then customize it to fit your needs. Once you're done, you can either download it or share it online.

Renderforest is an excellent option for businesses or individuals who need to create videos without spending time or money.

What I like

  • I like the limitless features this platform offers
  • User friendly
  • The video library is one of the largest I have used
  • Ability to export long videos
  • The customer support is also great

What I don't like

  • The preview is poor quality
  • Video rendering takes longer


Renderforest has four pricing plans; the Free plan, the Lite plan at $9.99/mo, the Pro plan at $14.99/mo, and the Business plan at $19.99/mo.


VidToon is a revolutionary video-sharing platform that quickly became the go-to destination for creators and viewers alike.

Whether you're a content creator looking for an easy and efficient way to share your videos with the world, or a casual viewer looking to discover exciting new content, VidToon has something for everyone.

With its simple interface, powerful editing tools, animated characters, and a wide array of user-generated content, VidToon has emerged as the definitive online video platform.

The platform also offers a variety of features that make it easy to find and share the videos you love.

What I like

  • Sleek user interface
  • Compatibility with most OS is a plus
  • The ability to work offline is excellent too.

What I don't like

  • Difficult exporting videos


VidToon 2.0 costs $49 for lifetime access. A VidToon Delux charges $67 a month or $149 paid yearly.

Advantages Of Using An Online Video Editor

The following are some advantages of using an online video editor:

1. Easy Collaboration

One of the biggest advantages of using an online video editor is the ease of allowing users to collaborate.

Whether you are working on a team project, creating a video for your business, or just looking to add some input from friends and family members, easily sharing and working on videos in real-time has many practical benefits.

Unlike traditional video editing programs, which are generally installed locally on a user's computer and require complex file transfers and sharing protocols, you can access online editors from anywhere with an internet connection.

This makes it easy for multiple people to work together on the same project, regardless of their physical location or time zone differences. And because tools like editing effects and animation can be added directly within the web interface of these editors without having to use external software programs, teams can quickly accomplish tasks that once took days or weeks in a fraction of the time.

In short, by prioritizing easy collaboration over traditional workflows, online video editors open up new possibilities for creative expression and effective team collaboration.

2. Simple Hardware Requirements for video creation

You know how frustrating it can be if you have ever tried to edit a video on a computer that wasn't explicitly designed for that task.

Video editing is a resource-intensive process that requires a powerful processor, ample RAM, and a dedicated graphics card.

It can be challenging to edit video on many laptops and older desktop computers.

Fortunately, online video editors have much simpler hardware requirements.

Because these tools are designed to run in a web browser, they can be used on any computer with an internet connection, regardless of its processing power or other specifications.

This makes it possible for anyone with a computer and an internet connection to create and edit videos without investing in expensive hardware.

3. Automatic Updates

Keeping your software updated is vital for security and stability, but it can be time-consuming.

Fortunately, online video editors take care of this for you.

Because these tools are web-based, they can be updated automatically without any input from the user. The companies that own and operate these services can push out new features and bug fixes as soon as they are available, ensuring that users always have the most up-to-date software version.

This is a huge advantage over traditional desktop software, requiring users to download and install updates manually. This means that you will always have the latest features and security patches without doing anything.

4. Affordable

One of the main benefits of this type of software is that it is affordable and accessible.

Unlike traditional, clunky editing programs, an online video editor runs right in your web browser, making it more streamlined and user-friendly.

Additionally, most online video editors are subscription-based, which means they are much more affordable than comparable desktop programs. Because they typically offer access to an extensive range of editing tools and effects without any additional fees, online video editors are an excellent choice for professional filmmakers and amateur videographers looking to create fun videos with their friends and family.

Whether you're a filmmaker working on your latest project or just someone looking to have some fun with editing software, an online video editor can provide everything you need at an incredible value.

5. Zero Compatibility Issues

If you get an excellent online video editor, you will never have to worry about compatibility issues again.

In the past, when working with traditional editing software, it was often necessary to convert your video files into a format that the program could understand.

This often resulted in quality loss and made working with footage from different sources difficult.

Fortunately, online video editors are built to work with various file types. You can simply upload your footage and get started without worrying about compatibility issues.

This makes it easy to work with footage from any camera or other source, making online video editors the most versatile type of editing software available.

No matter what type of footage you have, an online video editor can handle it without any problem.

6. Improved Productivity and Time-Saving

Another great benefit of online video editors is that they can help you be more productive and save time. Because these tools are designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, they require less time to learn than traditional desktop software.

Additionally, online video editors often come with built-in tutorials and other resources to help you get started quickly and learn the ropes in no time.

This means that you can spend less time learning the software and more time editing your videos. Additionally, online video editors typically have fewer features than their desktop counterparts, which can help you focus on the task at hand and avoid getting bogged down in unnecessary tools.

By streamlining the editing process and providing you with only the tools you need, online video editors can help you be more productive and save time.

There are many reasons to choose an online video editor over traditional editing software.

Online video editors provide several advantages over their desktop counterparts, from being more affordable to offering automatic updates and zero compatibility issues.

If you're looking for a powerful yet easy-to-use video editor, check out an online video editor from our list above. You won't be disappointed.

How to Choose The Best Video Maker

As you've seen, there are a lot of different video makers out there.

So, how do you choose the best one for you?

Here are some things to consider:


Accessibility is one important consideration, as you want to be sure that the platform you choose has all of the features and functions you need to produce high-quality videos.

For example, some video makers offer tools for editing and manipulating your footage, while others may provide templates or design elements that allow you to customize your videos more easily.

The tool should be readily available when you need it, and it should be intuitive and easy to use.

The best in this category will be online and cloud-based so that you can access them from anywhere. Instead of being tied to a desktop application, you can use the video maker on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Team Friendly

Teamwork is an essential aspect of any business. It is essential to consider how team-friendly the software is when choosing a video maker.

The best video makers will allow multiple users to work on a project simultaneously, making collaboration easy. In addition, they will offer features such as version control so that everyone is constantly working with the latest version of the project.

Team-friendly video makers will also provide tools for comments and feedback, so that team members can easily give and receive feedback on their work.

These platforms allow one to share the load and get the job done faster with better quality.

Ease of Use

Ease of use is probably the most crucial factor when choosing a video maker. If the software is difficult to use, you'll likely spend more time figuring it out than actually making videos.

Check out online reviews and tutorials before settling on a specific program.

Once you've narrowed down your choices, take the time to try out each one to see which one best suits your needs.

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to use a new software only to find out that it is not user-friendly.


Pricing is always a consideration while selecting any professional service, and video makers are no exception.

When comparing quotes from different providers, ask about any hidden fees or surcharges.

Some companies charge extra for things like copyright permission or adding subtitles, so be sure to get a complete list of all potential costs before making a final decision.

Once you have a good sense of the overall price range, you can start narrowing down your choices based on other factors like quality of work or past client reviews.

By taking the time to do your research up front, you can be sure to find the best video maker for your needs and budget.

Online Support

Another essential consideration is online support.

When you're working with video, there's always a chance something could go wrong.

It's important to know that you can reach out to the company for help if you need it.

The best video makers will offer live chat support so that you can get immediate assistance if anything goes wrong.

You can also look if they offer online tutorials or a FAQ section that can help you troubleshoot any issues you may have.

The bottom line? You need to know that someone is there to help if you need it.

Format Diversity

One crucial factor is format diversity. Format diversity refers to the ability of the video maker to create videos in multiple formats.

This means you can create videos for multiple devices.

For example, if you want to create a video for your website, you will need a video maker to create videos in MP4 format.

However, if you also want to create a video for your smartphone, you will need a video maker to create videos in both MP4 and 3GP formats. Format diversity is an essential factor to consider when choosing a video maker because it allows you to reach a wider audience.

Interactive Elements

When choosing a video maker, one of the most important considerations is the level of interactivity offered by the platform.

Interactive elements, such as quizzes, polls, and other unique engagement tools, can help to keep viewers engaged and keep your videos interesting and engaging.

Look for platforms that offer templates specifically designed for interactive videos, such as those with built-in calls to action or countdown timers.

Other features include customizable player skins and design options, easy embedding capabilities, and analytics tracking to help you assess your campaign performance.

With the right video maker at your disposal, you can create high-quality interactive videos that will engage your target audience and boost viewership.

Advanced Audio Capabilities

Another important consideration is the audio capabilities offered by the video maker.

If you want to create videos with professional-quality audio, look for a video maker that offers built-in audio editing tools.

These tools can help you adjust the volume of your audio tracks, add effects like echo and reverb, and even remove background noise.

For even more control over the audio in your videos, look for a video maker that supports external audio inputs.

You can record high-quality audio directly into your video by connecting an external microphone.

No matter what your audio needs are, find a video maker that offers the tools and features you need to create professional-quality videos.

Online Template Library

This is one of the reasons many people turn to online video makers in the first place.

An online template library offers a wide selection of pre-made video templates that you can use to create your videos.

With an excellent online template library, you can find templates for just about any type of video you want to create, including product demonstrations, promotional videos, explainer videos, etc.

When choosing a video maker, be sure to check out the selection of available templates.

The best video makers will offer a wide variety of high-quality templates that you can use to create your videos.

The bottom line is that there are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a video maker.

By taking the time to consider your needs and budget, you can be sure to find the best Animaker alternative for your needs.

Look for a video maker that offers online support, format diversity, interactive elements, and advanced audio capabilities.

With the right video maker at your disposal, you can create high-quality videos that will engage your target audience.

Alternatives to Animaker: Frequently Asked Questions

I am listing down some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding Animaker alternatives:

1. Is there a free version of Animaker?

Yes, Animaker has a free version that you can use to create videos. However, the free version is limited in terms of features and functionality.

Animaker's pricing plans start at $20/month for the Basic plan, $35/month for the Starter plan, and $79/month for the Professional plan.

There is also an Animaker's Enterprise plan that is customized according to the needs of businesses.

2. What is the best Animaker alternative?

Several Animaker alternatives are available, each with its own set of features and benefits.

Some of the best Animaker alternatives include Renderforest, VidToon, and Powtoon.

Each of these platforms offers a wide range of video templates and editing tools that you can use to create professional-looking videos.

3. What's the best animation software for free?

If you're looking for free animation software with a wide range of features and functionality, then Animaker is a good option.

However, if you're looking for animation software designed explicitly for creating explainer videos, all the above are a better option.

4. What is the essential feature in an Animaker alternative?

When choosing an Animaker alternative, the essential feature is the platform's ability to create professional-looking videos.

Other important factors include the selection of available templates, the quality of the video editing tools, and the overall ease of use of the platform.

By considering these factors, you can be sure to find the best Animaker alternative for your needs.

5. What sets Animaker apart from its competitors?

Animaker offers a wide range of features and functionality that sets it apart from its competitors.

Some of the critical features include: the ability to create professional-looking videos, a wide selection of available templates, and advanced video editing tools.

Animaker also offers an enterprise plan that is customized according to the needs of businesses.

Animaker can provide its users with a comprehensive video-making solution by offering these features and benefits.

In conclusion, Animaker is a great video editing tool that offers a wide range of features and functionality. However, several Animaker alternatives are available that offer more specialized features and tools.

When choosing the best Animaker alternative for your needs, it's important to consider your budget, the type of videos you want to create, and the features you need. With the suitable Animaker alternative, you can create high-quality videos to engage your target audience.


The best Animaker alternative is the one that best suits your needs.

Do you need something for business? Renderforest and Animoto are great choices.

Are you looking for an easy-to-use platform with a lot of features? Then VidToon is a good option.

Whatever your needs, there is an Animaker alternative out there for you. So go ahead and find the one that works best for you.