April 25, 2022

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9 Best SalesLoft Alternatives and Competitors

Salesloft is one of the leading sales engagement tools which helps sales reps automate their sales reachout, engage with buyers, get the coaching and insights they need to close more deals, and figure out their next move. It portrays the most crucial tool for digital selling and a sales interaction platform, the Modern Revenue Workspace. This is where the revenue teams go to achieve their objectives at every point of the buyer's journey.

However, what if Salesloft is not the ideal fit for your business? There are other alternatives that you might find interesting. Let us find out.

Top 9 Competitors of Salesloft

The following are the best Salesloft alternatives:

  • Smart reach – 4.8
  • Apollo.io – 4.8
  • Outplay – 4.7
  • Groove – 4.7 
  • Klenty – 4.6 
  • Reply.io – 4.6 
  • Salesloft – 4.5
  • Introhive – 4.4
  • Outreach – 4.3 

Detailed analysis of Top Salesloft competitors & alternatives

Outreach (one of the most popular Salesloft alternatives)

Outreach (based in Seattle, Washington) is a sales interaction software that employs artificial intelligence to forecast sales. It boasts of being the only solution provider for companies. It offers a platform that combines sales interaction, conversation intelligence, and revenue insight all under one roof.

Here are some of the Features as portrayed by Outreach

  • Detailed analytics of emails
  • Outreach features a sophisticated sequence known as sales cadence, which methodically engages your prospects and automates your lead generation activities. For example, the tool will automatically send them an email using one of the service's customized email templates.
  • It engages your prospects through emailing and other essential touchpoints like cold phoning.
  • It can automate linkedin outreach completely.

Outreach has the possibility of cleaning and enriching the existing data on other systems, according to its reviews on G2.


  • It enables effective customer relationships and management. Account executives can use the Outreach service to import their sales contacts straight from a , eliminating manually entering each contact. Hence, you can spend more time communicating with your prospects.
  • Users of Outreach can assess how effective their email campaigns are doing and strategize on the adjustments to improve the client success rate. This is achieved by the email engagement tool, which provides precise metrics on cold emails.
  • It has sophisticated sequences known as sales cadence, ensuring effective lead management by automating your lead generation efforts.

 Here are some of its disadvantages.

  • Outreach is not compatible with google sheets. Why does this matter? Most people now use Google Sheets as their primary spreadsheet program because, with google sheets, your data will never go missing; it is stored on the cloud. Outreach only offers mail merge submissions via obsolete CSV files.
  • The cost of using Outreach for cold email outreach is their most significant downside since it is expensive. Their monthly fees start at $100 per user.

Reply.io (not a recommended Salesloft alternative for advanced sales sequence)

Reply.io is multichannel outreach automation and scaling tool that executes tasks to contact your prospects by combining LinkedIn, emails, cold calls, SMS, and WhatsApp messages to help you create more leads, acquire more customers and build revenue quicker.

Here are some of the top features that portray Reply.io effective for your business

  • Sequences with many channels to send personal emails and follow-ups to your prospects
  • It warms up your email, domain, and IP address with Reply's Warm-up tool to improve deliverability rates.
  • You can contact data Sourcing at any time by using a proven partner service to find qualified prospects for your outreach efforts right from Reply.
  • The Reply Chrome Extension automates email search and sales outreach by searching for prospects' emails in seconds. This extension will help boost your productivity.

Advantages of Reply.io include;

After speaking to most of the clients who are impressed with this tool, I found out.

  • It enables you to locate your prospects on linked-in.
  • You can engage in a Multichannel Conversation through the integration of many tools.
  • Allows you to monitor and analyze your track progress


  • Emails don't have a lot of formatting options, but that doesn't stop them from being delivered.


Klenty is a sales execution engine that customizes and humanizes your emails to generate more opens and clicks, automates the repetitive tasks, and creates a smart repeatable sales plan. It allows you to prioritize the prospects ready to interact while it moves other prospects into personalized cadences and dynamically establishes intent. Your sales staff will be unstoppable with the appropriate blend of customization and automation.

Some of the top features of Klenty are;

  • Dialer on autopilot
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Manages the performance
  • Prospecting tools


I think this is a great tool. Here are the reviews from the users

  • "The system generates daily reports on the number of views, clicks, and other metrics. It is also impressive that we can schedule a bulk email in Klenty".
  • "It is a simple and effective outbound marketing tool."
  • "It is a very amazing sales automation solution."


A client noted this on the reviews

  • "The only issue I've found is that the UI gets stuck and doesn't reply now and then."


Our next Salesloft competitor is Outplay. With Outplay, you can have genuine discussions at scale and gain insights to help you expand your income. They boast of being the next-generation sales engagement platform and the only tool your sales force will ever require to achieve their objectives.

Here are some of the features of Outplay:

  • Time-saving automation built-in
  • It does multichannel marketing by combining Email, calls, SMS, LinkedIn
  • Support for successful onboarding is provided at no cost.
  • Salesforce, Pipedrive, Office 365, and Crelate integrations

Some of its advantages:

  • It analyzes your sales funnels and delivers all your data to your dashboard.
  • It features tools like chrome extension, calendar in email functionality, triggers, and more that boost your productivity in seconds.
  • It allows you to reach your prospects at scale by tracking open emails, reply detection, and link click tracking.


  • The triggers and sequences are housed in an unusual location and are difficult to test.


Groove is a relationship-based sales platform that boosts productivity, encourages salesforce adoption, and gives revenue directors essential insights into what is driving their business. It is the most popular sales engagement platform for Salesforce users.

Some of its top features include:

  • Automation of sales
  • Email synchronization
  • Coverage of the lead
  • Emails that are tailored to you
  • Account prioritizing based on the activity log


After talking to multiple users of groove, this is what I find interesting about this alternative to Salesloft.

  • "I like that Groove has so many stored templates that I can promptly reach out to everyone I need."
  • Effective and easy to use. "The finest part is the actual flowing. This has been the simplest tool I've used to track my prospect outreach".
  • Boost follow-up. "A Groove is a fantastic tool for any sales team; it helps me plan my day and has aided me in my follow-up."


  • "You can't move on to the next phase without skipping persons on your dial list."


If you are an agency or a large sales team aiming to boost your return on investment, then this is the ultimate alternative for you. SmartReach.io is an Email Outreach Software that allows users to schedule and send customized emails and follow-ups from their inbox, increasing response rates. It focuses on email deliverability to connect companies with prospects and boost productivity.

Here are some of its features;

  • Automation of emails
  • Email deliverability
  • Team communication
  • Detailed analytics

Some of its advantages include;

  • Being able to check in on your campaign's performance whenever you want will help you make necessary adjustments.
  • It is easier to use Smartreach. Users can integrate their emails within the platform with the simple integration process.
  • Spam tests are incredibly accurate.
  • Various email services can be linked and used


  • Reporting spam is limited to four times per month.
  • There are only a few contacts list filters available.


Sellers and marketers use this sales engagement software to develop a modern go-to-market strategy, connect with contacts and find new customers in the market. Apollo is a sales intelligence platform that includes features to help you prospect, engage, and generate more income.

Features of Apollo.io are;

  • Content Management 
  • Monitoring of phone calls.
  • Control the flow of work.
  • Email Automation.  
  • Management of the Performance Analytics (Sales) Team.

Here are some of its advantages

  • It's simple to use, has fantastic filters, and is quick and powerful.
  • Contacts are easier to find.
  • It provides a quick response to the clients, and it is user-friendly.


  • It takes an incredible amount of time to load


Introhive is an AI-powered Revenue Acceleration software that helps enterprises of all sizes boost revenue, retention, and relationships. It was born out of frustration with attempting - and failing - to use CRM to find who knows who.

Here are some of its top features;

  • Optimization of Conversion Rates.
  • Demand Generation 
  • Customer Data Platform (CDP).
  • Digital Analytics 
  • Email marketing

Some of its advantages are;

  • The process of integration and adoption is rapid and painless.
  • "Fantastic team, excellent compensation, and opportunities for progress"
  • "Awesome culture, outstanding leadership, and a superb product"


  • "There weren't as many features as other similar services."

How to Select the best Salesloft Alternative

Choosing the best tool for your business type can be a daunting task. We understand that, so we selected precisely the best outranking alternatives that will suit your business needs based on our research.

If your business is growing and you need a team that will focus on engaging your prospects as you prioritize the engaged leads to boost sales quickly, I recommend Klenty. This sales execution engine will not only customize your emails but will also create automated and create innovative repeatable sales plans that will automatically engage your prospects.

You might be new in business with minimal or no ideas on how to boost your revenues. Outplay software is the best alternative for you. It provides a platform where you can have a genuine discussion at scale and gain insights to help you expand your income.

If you are an agency with a large sales team to boost your return on investment, I highly recommend this software tool, Smartreach. Smartreach allows users to schedule and send a customized email and follow up in their inbox. This tool will help boost your business productivity since it focuses on email deliverability to connect companies with prospects.

Why do companies look for Salesloft competitors?

Salesloft is a fantastic sales engagement software. However, just like other software, it also experiences some drawbacks. After extensive research on customers' experience, here are some of the downside issues with Salesloft we noted;

  • "There are very few aspects of the software that I don't like. We encountered a problem where we couldn't track how custom dispositions and feelings were performed on calls."
  • Video integration in the mail is tricky. Due to the large quantity of data they have, an email automation solution should contain a space for suggesting letter content, mail subject, etc.
  • There are instances when not all people are absorbed in the cadence; it is always 80-85 percent, sometimes less.
  • The templates are clumsy and crammed together so tightly that the subject line can't be seen unless I click into it.

Overall Conclusion: Which are the best Salesloft alternatives?

Here are some of the sales engagement software tools highlighted from the most effective

Best overall Salesloft alternatives: Groove, Outreach

Customer ratings are always the key to attracting more leads. Positive ratings mean you will likely attract even more traffic to your website. The sales engagement software is ranked at the top due to the positive customer ratings perceived.

Best Salesloft alternative in ease of implementation- Introhive, Apollo.io, Smartreach, and Groove

These software tools are simple to integrate and implement. They have tools that make it easier for anyone to operate them.

Best alternative to Salesloft in terms of support– Outreach, Reply.io, Salesloft, Groove, Klenty, Outplay, Smartreach, Apollo.io, Introhive

apart from the overwhelmingly positive customer experience, these tools come in handy to support every need of your business precisely.