April 17, 2022

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Best 6 ProWritingAid Alternatives and Competitors (Updated 2022)

Is ProWritingAid good? Are there better alternatives?

Is there a cheaper option? Which is the best product for my use-case?

If you’re looking for answers to these questions, this article is a goldmine for you!

My team of 14 writers has been using AI copywriting software for a little more than 2 years now and we've experimented with all the major products out there. So, before you take a call on using ProWritingAid, read about its top competitors, their strengths, weaknesses and pricing.

What is ProWritingAid?

ProWritingAid is a software that can help you correct grammatical problems and improve your writing style. It is an online tool that allows you to upload text files in practically any format. The software is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers. ProWritingAid can also be used with a variety of text editors. Employing multiple tools to modify and improve written material allows you to work faster and wiser. Many authors have turned to ProWritingAid for assistance with their writing, including technical writers, content writers, and fiction and fantasy authors. However, several flaws exist, such as poor browser extension and a minimal number of allowed plagiarism checks. Therefore, we are providing you with ProWritingAid alternatives in this article so that you can weigh the pros and cons and decide for yourself.

Top 6 alternatives to ProWritingAid

1. Writesonic (9.5/10)
2. Jasper (9/10)
3. Peppertype.ai (8.5/10)
4. Outranking(8.5/10)
5. INK (8/10)
6. Linguix(7/10)

To know more about how ProWritingAid compares with its biggest competitor Grammarly, you must read a more detailed coverage of ProWritingAid vs Grammarly.

Feature-by-feature comparison of ProWritingAid alternatives and competitors

If you are looking for a writing application, you will likely come across numerous products in the market. To help you make the right choice of the software that best fits your needs. We will review popular writing assistant applications, which we believe are the best alternatives to ProWritingAid.

We will review the articles on the basis of 8 factors: Pricing, User Friendliness, Grammatical accuracy, Languages, Proofreading, Support, Custom Style and Integrations with other platforms.

And, before I forget, as a follow-up to this article, we created a detailed piece on ProWritingAid review which you must check out before making any purchase!

1. Pricing

Winner: Writesonic
Runner-up: Linguix

Jasper offers 2 packages that are customizable according to the number of words that need to be generated. Starter mode begins its pricing from 24$/ month. This mode provides the user with all the base templates, supports over 20 languages, and generates 20,000 words for up to 10 users. Boss mode starts at 49$ /month and allows the user to generate 50,000 words.

Writesonic caters to all market segments with a $15 monthly plan ($12 if you decide on an annual plan), making it appropriate for people with minimal usage and those who cannot afford more extensive plans. Writesonic also offers unlimited options for professionals, startups, agencies, and higher-end plans for premium content seekers. From Pricing perspective, it is clearly the biggest competitor of ProwritingAid

Peppertype.ai offers 2 plans: A starter plan at $35/month and a growth plan at $199/month. If you wish to pay yearly, peppertype.ai offers a cheaper subscription at $-25/month for the starter plan and 165$/month for the growth plan that allows 5 users. An enterprise plan is also available for larger businesses that offer more customizations and integrations, the pricing of which can be negotiated upon contacting the company.

Outranking product plans include Mega ($40/ month), Giga ($82/ month) and Tera ($157/ month). The costs mentioned here are in the yearly subscription plan, and the monthly plan costs are slightly higher than this. They also have a 30 days money back for unsatisfied customers.

INK includes Starter packs at($8.80/ month), Pro SEO ($44/month) and Team SEO Unlimited ($177/ month) in the yearly subscription. If you choose to subscribe on a monthly basis, then the starter pack will cost you $.22 a month, Pro SEO at $55/month. And Team SEO is unlimited at $222/month.

For Linguix, The plans include A basic (free), Premium ($8/ month) and Team package. Linguix is one of the best pocket-friendly content editors in the market.

2. User Friendliness

Winner : INK
Runner-up: Jasper

Writesonic and Jasper both provide users with 50+ templates that ease the formatting and typesetting experience. User-friendliness can also vary depending on the package to which the user has subscribed when it comes to Jasper. The learning curve for Writesonic is slightly longer than Jasper's. Jasper is excellent in terms of interface design; it has simple widgets and menus, clear text, and a user-friendly format.

Peppertype.ai offers a really smooth user interface that is excellent for beginners. Since outranking.io is a fairly recent development, the platform is not very user-friendly. So further improvements in the user interface are needed. Ink provides a distraction-free interface that helps you focus exclusively on your copywriting. INK is a clear winner among all ProWritingAid competitors when it comes to User-Friendliness.

3. Grammatical accuracy

Winner : Linguix
Runner-up: INK

Most ProWritingAid competitors - Jasper, Writesonic, Peppertype.ai and Outranking - use GPT-3 transformers to produce text. These programmes are trained on textual data on the internet. There are times when one can find grammatical errors in the generated texts. GPT is still improving, with newer versions launched now and then, and it's only the beginning of algorithms doing the writing work for us. Jasper, Peppertype.ai and outranking have an almost equal amount of grammatical accuracy in the generated text. Writesonic combines GPT-3 with other language models, which can slightly improve the performance.

INK and Linguix are excellent for grammar editing. Both these applications provide SEO focused content editing, helping you make a wider vocabulary choice tailored for search engines. Outstanding also offers an AI-based content editor which is compatible with Grammarly.

4. Languages

Winner: Jasper
Runner-up: Writesonic

Most mentioned alternatives to ProWritingAid offer English text generation and editing. Writesonic and Jarvis both can create content in more than 25 languages. Along with English, Peppertype.ai supports German, French, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and Chinese.

5. Proofreading

Winner: INK
Runner-up: Linguix

Writesonic and Jasper are excellent text generators, but INK and Linguix can perform much better when it comes to proofreading. INK and Linguix come with special text editors that take care of grammar, readability, and SEO. Outranking.io also offers content editors that help the user in being grammatically correct.

6. Support

Winner: Peppertype.ai
Runner-up: Jasper

All of the listed alternatives have their own blogs which provide tutorials and answer FAQs. Peppertype.ai is connected to paper content which offers support, learning and query resolutions. Jasper has a Facebook group composed of copywriters, digital marketers, and business owners who use Jarvis. Most of them are happy to answer any questions you may have. They also provide helpful writing advice so that you can keep improving. WriteSonic offers excellent customer support as well, through emails and online chat support.

7. Custom style

Winner : Writesonic
Runner-up: INK

AI-based text generators like Jasper and Writesonic use the AIDA(Attention, Interest, Desire and Action) formula to create a psychological slippery slope that persuades the reader. AIDA is excellent for writing marketing content.  

To allow flexible writing styles, all of the ProWritingAid alternatives allow users to tune several parameters like the tone of voice, intention of the writing, and the target audience. This helps in customizing your writing style easily. INK and Linguix also enable customization through different options such as Style Checks.

8. Integration with other platforms

Winner : Writesonic
Runner-up: Outranking

Writesonic has made an API available for anyone to utilize to incorporate Writesonic's content production tools into their own website or app. Jasper can also be integrated with various applications. However, some integrations are hidden behind a paywall.

Outranking provides plugins for Google Docs, WordPress and Grammarly. Ink is available on Windows, Mac and Linux and can be integrated with WordPress, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.

Pros and Cons of ProWritingAid alternatives


WriteSonic is one of the best free AI content writer on the market. Its artificial intelligence-powered content creation solution will help you produce more website and marketing content.

1. Best quality written content at reasonable prices
2. Instant Generation of full-length articles/ blog posts
3. High-quality paraphrasing and SEO optimized content
4. Unlimited word generation in most packages
5. API for seamless integration with websites and apps

1. New in the market, lack of brand value


Formerly known as Jarvis and conversion.ai, Jasper offers copywriters, authors and content writers the opportunity to speed up the writing process using AI-based word generation tools. Jasper is one of the most popular writing assistant tools, with excellent reviews.

1. Jasper has a good reputation among various social media platforms. Most reviews count Jasper among the top 3 competitors of Pro Writing Aid
2. Full paragraphs can be rephrased in one go
3. Allows full-length article generation
4. Excellent support team

1. The pricing is high
2. Allows a limited number of words, even for premium plans
3. Longform content is only available in the premium plan


Peppertype.ai is also an (AI)-powered writing assistant. It helps create SEO-friendly blog posts, social media posts, Facebook advertising, YouTube video descriptions, product evaluations, and Quora comments, among other things.

1. Backed by paper content which is already well established in the content writing market
2. Offers SEO optimization
3. Good for beginners

1. High Pricing
2. Sometimes the editor generates a mix of different languages, which can be ugly


Outranking is an AI-driven SEO writing software specializing in content editing and writing. Its features include training AI to extract sentiments and generate factual content. Ouranking.io analyzes other high-ranking posts and extracts the best elements from them. We've also written a detailed piece on Outranking alternatives for people looking to buy an AI copywriting software.

1. Provides content editors and AI text generation
2. Unlimited AI content generation(within reasonable use
3. Insightful SEO features

1. The user Interface is still underdeveloped
2. Wrong focus keywords at times


INK for another popular AI copywriting software that provides AI content generation and editing for social media, business, marketing, sales, and even personal work. It caters to both content writers and SEO experts. A copy can be generated automatically using the AI writing assistant and edited for compatibility with search engines.

1. Both AI Text generation and content editing.
2. Provides a free plan
3. Provides search-engine-optimization

1. Only about 30 words of the content are generated at a time.
2. AI generation needs some improvement.


Linguix is a writing software (like Grammarly) that edits and improves writing, boosts language skills, and increases productivity. It offers features such as an Editor, Grammar Checker, Writing Coach, Paraphrase etc. It is also compatible with various browsers and text editors such as Microsoft Word.

1. Excellent tools for proofreading, such as contextual speller and style check.

1. No Microsoft word integration
2. No Free Version

We haven't covered Grammarly, which is one the biggest competitor of ProWritingAid. We'll cover it in an independent article on ProWritingAid vs Grammarly and Top alternatives to Grammarly.

How to select the best ProWritingAid alternative

While choosing a Pro Writing aid alternative, you have to decide whether to buy the classical text editor type software or more modern AI-based text generators. Text generators like Writesonic and Jasper allow you to spend more time editing, revising, and optimizing copy for a range of audiences by substantially reducing the time it takes to generate content. On the other hand, editing software like Linguix will ensure that your work is grammatically correct and stylistically sound. Whether you're a content writer, article writer, blogger, marketing agency, freelancer, student, or researcher, having these tools at your disposal will boost your productivity and improve the quality of your work.

For Proofreading:

If you want a tool to assist you in your proofreading tasks, Linguix will be the best alternative to ProWritingAid. However, given the inability to generate text and high pricing. Other applications such as Writesonic and Outranking can be used, which offer grammar and spelling checks on their editors.

For Improving Writing Style:

If you are looking to improve your writing style, all of these applications can help you do that. Text generators such as Writesonic and Jasper will provide you with customized articles based on your writing style specifications. Text editing software such as INK offer sentiment and Intention analysis that will also take your writing to the next level.

For Manuscripts and reports:

If you want to make your manuscripts and reports easily and add impact to them, Writesonic and Jasper are ideal for it. Both software will allow you to generate content and avoid writer's block. You can paraphrase content from other sources and write plagiarism free reports and presentations quickly.

Overall Balanced Writing Assistant:

If you are looking for a balanced writing assistant that allows you to generate text and edit content. Writesonic is the best alternative to ProwritingAid at a low price. If money is not a problem for you, then Jasper, INK and Ouranking.io are excellent choices.


If you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the volume of content you have to manage. Or if you struggle to find the time to research and draft new articles. To get the most out of your time, it's important to have tools that can help you save time, free up your creative energy, and produce high-quality content. The tools discussed will improve your writing performance and help you write more in less time without compromising the accuracy and style.