April 28, 2022

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Top 8 Loom alternatives and competitors

Business communication has never been easier than now. Advancements in technology have allowed businesses to maximize efficiency, eliminate miscommunication, and provide an unprecedented number of tailor-made tools for every business scenario. One such application enabling businesses with its rich feature set is Loom.

What is Loom?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where texting just didn't cut it, and your schedule didn't allow for that quick screen sharing session?

Loom is out there to help you solve precisely that. Loom, with its short video format, eliminates the need for texting. Its advanced screen capture and sharing features allow you to seamlessly record videos of your screen with minimal hassle and share them with people through various channels like email, Zoom, or their proprietary invites. Loom can be used for verticals such as sales, team alignment, education, etc.,

On top of creating screen recordings, Loom puts an impressive set of additional features on display.

  • Simultaneous capture: Loom allows screen capture, video capture through the Webcam, and audio through the microphones simultaneously, empowering you to create product walkthroughs with a personalized touch.
  • Markup Tools" Loom provides an excellent toolset for emphasizing the content you desire in the form of their robust drawing tools. It enables you to highlight important items in the form of freehand markers akin to the ones found in paint.
  • Advanced Editing: Loom brings in advanced editing features such as background noise suppression, transcript correction, and filler word removal, among other things.
  • Analytics: Loom incorporates analytics by measuring metrics such as views, completion rate, etc.
  • Interactivity: Looms proves the notion that "videos cannot be interactive" wrong by providing its "call to action" button, enabling viewers to be redirected to desired pages.
  • Collaboration Loom enables collaboration between team members in the form of 'workspaces' where videos can be reviewed and edited by peers.
  • Security Loom allows for the provision of security to the recordings by restricting access to only select users.

Loom integrates with several other applications such as Salesforce, Zoom, Jira, Slack, etc. Loom is available in a multitude of platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Android, and also as a browser extension.

Loom has a self-reported number of 14 million users, and with its rich feature set, Is it the perfect application for screen recording?

Loom, even though being used widely, has its fair share of disadvantages, from the free version only allowing 5 mins of recording time to lacklustre screenshot editing and video trimming features.

Is Loom the only option, and do you always have to compromise to create customized screen recordings with ease?
The answer is a very simple "No".
Loom, although popular, is not the only option on the market. With the space for alternative communication rapidly on the rise, I have compiled a list of 9 applications that would make excellent alternatives to Loom.

The First member of our list is Crankwheel.

1. Crankwheel - the best Loom alternative for Recording

Have you ever wanted to instantly share your screen live with a business prospect who doesn't use your communication software like Teams or Zoom? 

Crankwheel might be the right tool for you. Crankwheel is a browser extension that allows users to instantly share their screen" live" to anyone, irrespective of the viewer's platform.


  1. Instant Live sharing: Crankwheel owes its unique selling point to its flagship feature, live screen sharing with anyone. The platform's users can share their screen with anyone by just sharing the link for their stream through Email or SMS.
  2. Conference calls: Crankwheel allows you to get on conference calls with prospects while sharing your screen
  3. Focus tracking: Crankwheel enables you to track your viewer's attention in real-time through its "Live preview" feature. The feature tracks customers' attention, the part of the screen they are paying attention to, etc., and allows the user to modify the presentation in real-time to reel the viewers back in.
  4. Targeted Sharing: Crankwheel allows you to share only what you want, providing the granularity of even restricting notifications.
  5. Remote control: Crankwheel allows the client to operate their screen when you provide access remotely.

Crankwheel presents Restful APIs, JavascriptAPIs, etc., for integrating into your existing applications. It is available as a browser extension for its users.


  1. I believe that Crankwheel is a real game-changer in the realm of live screen sharing, with its no bloat approach on the user's side and the hassle of installations removed on the client's side.
  2. Crankwheel's approach to video sharing makes it easier to demonstrate your product instantly, eliminating the need for scheduled meetings and complex sales cycles.
  3. Crankwheel is device agnostic, being able to work on a plethora of legacy devices and with browsers such as Internet explorer. It also boasts the ability to live screen share over poor internet connections.


  1. Unlike Loom, CrankWheel doesn't allow users to capture short-form videos on their screens. It is specifically crafted for live screen sharing.
  2. I believe that Crankwheel's design is more suited for external communication than information sharing within a team. With most companies using tools like Teams or Zoom, Crankwheel doesn't justify its bid for the internal communication space.    


Crankwheel has a multi-tiered subscription-based pricing model catering to the needs of all user types, from individuals to large sales teams. All plans come with access to an unlimited number of users.

  1. Free for life:  Coming in at a no-cost, Crankwheel's free for life plan allows users to enjoy the features of the application with restrictions placed on the number of viewers, no of meetings per month, etc., 
  2. Starter Team: At "$89/month", the starter team tier allows for more viewers and monthly meetings.
  3. Team: At "$229/month", the team plan is intended for small sales teams. It gives access to more meetings and viewers and comes with phone support by the Crankwheel support team.
  4. Department  At "$449/month", The department plan is intended for sales departments. It adds to the viewer and meeting counts on top of bringing in custom features like removing Crankwheel branding from videos and custom domain support.
  5. Enterprise At "$20K/year" - The enterprise version comes with all the bells and whistles the product offers, with access to advanced security features like "Single sign-on" authentication. It is Intended for large sales organizations.

2. Hippo Video - the best Loom alternative in terms of ease-of-use

Do you find Loom's feature set to be limited? Do you want more from your screen recording application?

If yes, Hippo Video might be the right tool for you. In addition to all the features that Loom offers, it also offers exciting features like custom video templates, video teleprompting, etc., 


  1. Simultaneous recording: Hippo video like Loom allows for simultaneous recording of the screen, video through the Webcam, and the audio through the microphone array
  2. Advanced editing made simple: With its state-of-the-art 'video editing suite', Hippo video allows users to trim, crop videos, and add elements like text and green screen effects to their videos.
  3. Easy sharing Hippo video permits video sharing through all channels like email, social media, and chat applications with just the click of a button.
  4. Custom templates: Hippo video's custom templates allow for the seamless addition of pre-made intros and outros to any video.
  5. Advanced analytics: Features like play, watch and retention rate tracking, demographic tracking, CTA click rate tracking, etc., make it a juggernaut in the current data-driven tech environment.
  6. Features Dedicated to sales: Features like personalized sales pages, video teleprompter, Video CTAs, and Virtual backgrounds like the ones found in Zoom make it easier than ever to record compelling sales pitches with the utmost efficiency.
  7. Deep customization Hippo video allows for heavy customization of videos in the form of custom thumbnails, markup tools, annotations, and forms.
  8. Advanced security features Hippo video incorporates advanced security features like a Virtual Private cloud for storing your videos, Role-based access, Data and Network Encryption, Data backup, etc. 
  9. Hippo video integrates with leading platforms like HubSpot, Salesforce, LinkedIn, Slack, Zoom, Zapier, etc. Hippo Video is available on many platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Android, and a browser extension.



  1. Hippo Video's custom template feature allows for creating professional-grade videos with ease.
  2. Features like advanced video editing tools and deep customization give you power over your videos.
  3. Advanced analytics and security features add to its already impressive resume.



  1. Pricing could be expensive depending upon the business scenario.
  2. On-Premise implementation is not available.


Hippo Video has different pricing options for different verticals like sales, marketing, support, and team communication.

  1. Sales: Prices from sales range from $15/month/user to $79/month/user depending upon the user's needs, such as third party integrations and customer support
  2. Marketing: The most expensive vertical in Hippo's offering is marketing, with the Starter package price starting from $23/month/per user to the fully-featured package costing $99/month/user.
  3. Support ranges from $10/month/user for the Starter to $49/month/user for the Growth version. The packages differentiate themselves based on the integration support, bandwidth, security, etc.
  4. Team communication: The team communication plan is suited for internal communication. The starter pack, priced at $4/ month, includes features like third-party integrations and a quick editing suite, while the most expensive pack, at $20, includes cutting-edge features like "advanced support" and "custom domain".

3. Vidyard - a strong alternative to loom for animations

Vidyard belongs to a group of few applications that can create animated videos when it comes to screen recording software. Vidyard also provides standard features like screen recording, video hosting, sharing, etc.,


  1. Simultaneous recording: Like other applications on our list, Vidyard allows for simultaneous recording of the screen, video through the Webcam, and audio through the microphones.
  2. Video playlists: Vidyard allows for creating a playlist of recorded videos, which can then be shared.
  3. Animated Previews Vidyard enables you to create animated gifs that can be embedded into emails.
  4. Quick edits. The quick editing feature makes editing simple with its simple-to-use trim feature and an auto transcript option.
  5. Customization Custom intros in the form of intro banners and creation of interactivity through custom "Call to Actions".
  6. Analytics Dashboard The analytics dashboard provides video analytics metrics like views, user attention spans, individual viewer details, etc.,
  7. Auto SEO Vidyard's automatic transcripts and metadata enable your videos to rank higher in searches if published.
  8. Top-level Security Vidyard incorporates security features like "User Permissions" and SSO to secure sensitive video recordings.

Vidyard allows for integrations to platforms like Salesforce, Dropbox, Facebook, Gmail, Google Analytics, etc. Vidyard is available for Windows, macOS, and Chrome extensions.


  1. Animated previews allow for creating effective short-form messaging to capture the prospect's attention;
  2. The auto "SEO" feature gives you an edge while uploading videos on social platforms.


  1. Expensive compared to similar solutions
  2. Limited Markup options compared to competitors


Vidyard Keeps it simple with its pricing, with four pricing tiers, namely Free, Pro, Teams, and Business.

  1. Free: Geared towards individual creators, it brings in features like video recording, uploads, and sharing.
  2. Pro: At "$15/month, the pro license targets professionals. It holds features like basic branding, video insights, and CTAs.
  3. Teams: At "$300"/month supporting 3 users, the Teams license sees quite a jump in its price from the pro version. It shows off features like custom branding and full video analytics.
  4. Business: At "$1250"/month supporting 5 users, The "Business" tier turns out to be a drastic jump in price over the "teams" license. It boasts features like customizable CTAs and Integrations.

I feel Vidyard's pricing is a little too high compared to its competition, and a price drop could help its cause.

4. Clip by ClickUp - the best Free alternative to Loom for existing ClickUp users

If you are a ClickUp project management tool user looking for an alternative to Loom, My suggestion would be to STOP!!!, and look no further. 

ClickUp has a proprietary screen recording tool called "Clip" built into it. ClickUp comes with a surprisingly competent feature set for a project management product.


  1. Screen and voice recording Clip provides the screen recording and voice recording features. However, it lacks video recording capabilities via the Webcam.
  2. Instant sharing Clip allows for sharing videos through its shareable link, which plays the recorded videos in the browser.
  3. Create tasks  Clip allows for creating tasks from recordings and the ability to assign work to team members.
  4. ClickUp features Since Clip is a part of the ClickUp suite; it also brings with it a robust project management software in the form ClickUp.

Clip integrates with Slack, Github, GitLab, Webhooks, Outlook, Google Drive, etc. ClickUp is available for download on the Google and Apple app stores, MacOs, Windows, Linux, and as a chrome extension.


  1. It comes bundled with advanced project management software.
  2. It works well in a team management environment.


  1. It lacks features like webcam recording present in its competitors.
  2. Its video-editing capabilities are non-existent.


ClickUp comes with a five-tier subscription plan. With the tiers being "Free", "Unlimited", "Business", "Business Plus", and "Enterprise".

The plans range from no cost for the "Free" tier to the price of "$19/month/user" for the "Business Plus" tier, with all tiers providing fully featured video recording functionality.

5. Bonjoro - the best Loom alternative for sales

If sales are your top priority and you need an application that makes selling easier, Bonjoro could be one of the best options.

Bonjoro is a screen recording and video capture application geared towards the sales domain. It boasts an impressive set of features like video workflows and group videos.


  1. Simultaneous recording Bonjoro allows for simultaneous recording of your screen, Webcam, and voice.
  2. Multifaceted customization Bonjoro features a broad array of customization options like "Custom Templates", "Custom Logos", "Custom Domains", and "Forms and CTAs".
  3. Group Videos Bonjoro provides "automatic" personalization and viewer activity tracking in the form of its Group video feature.
  4. Tracking features Bonjoro's built-in tracking allows you to gauge your video performance instantly.
  5. Smart Workflows Bonjoro allows you to create smart workflows that automatically trigger videos to clients with every milestone. The "Workflow filter" feature allows you to create custom filters for attributes such as "timezones"," Purchase Value", etc., to target the right customer.

Bonjoro integrates with platforms such as HubSpot, Patreon, Zapier, Shopify, MailChimp, etc., 

Bonjoro is available on the Google play store, the Apple app store, and as a browser extension.


  1. I feel that Bonjoro's intuitive customer engagement tracking features with ease of use make it an excellent marketing tool.
  2. Bonjoro's Workflows provide outstanding configurations, adding a personal touch to automated messages.


  1. Bonjoro has no features catering to video editing, which is a standard feature in its competitors.
  2. Lack of Markup and annotations reduces viewer accessibility.


I believe that Bonjoro achieves a balance between price and its feature set, with five plans ranging from "Free" to "$79/month".

  1. Free: The Free tier offers standard features like 50 personalized videos, "Performance Tracking", etc., supporting a single user.
  2. Starter: The Starter, which is priced at "$15/month/user", provides "50 personalized videos per month", Video templates and 10GB of cloud storage, etc., 
  3. Pro: The Pro license comes in at $33/month/user. It supports the creation of up to 5 workflows and has additional features like the ability to export application data.
  4. Growth: The "Growth" license comes in at "$79/per month" for 3 users. It is Bonjoro's fully featured tier with features catering to teams like team workspaces and team training. Adding team members to the license runs up the cost of "$33/per month/per user".
  5. Company Plan: The Company Plan" at "$499/month" is the most expensive tier that Bonjoro offers. It has every feature that "Growth" offers, along with support for unlimited users, unlimited templates, and a custom SSL domain.

6. Camtasia (the strongest among all Loom alternatives when it comes to editing)

Camtasia is for people looking for an old-school video recorder with a built editor that packs a punch.


  1. Simultaneous recording Camtasia allows for simultaneous recording of your screen, Webcam, and voice.
  2. Streamlined video editing Camtasia makes video editing simple with a simple drag and drop interface. Camtasia provides the ability to add video clips from external sources into the video.
  3. Versatile Customization Camtasia provides versatile customization features like Custom templates, custom themes, and the ability to add interactive elements to videos.
  4. Asset library Camtasia brings a vast library of effects, animations, and transitions to make your videos truly professional.
  5. Advanced video creation Camtasia provides advanced video creation features like the addition of navigation points, Green screen removal, background noise removal, etc.,
  6. Accessibility features Camtasia comes packed with markup features like annotations and Cursor effects.
  7. Configuration Camtasia allows for configuring presets, themes, shortcuts, favourites, etc., Drastically cutting down production time.

Camtasia's integration list pales in comparison when compared to its competition. It only integrates with Youtube and Vimeo.


  1. Camtasia provides a professional-grade video editing suite and a thriving asset ecosystem.
  2. Camtasia license brings in Snagit, a tool used for creating and editing screenshots, for half the price.


  1. Camtasia doesn't provide a video hosting platform.
  2. Camtasia lacks the analytics features present as a standard in its competitors
  3. Sharing Camtasia videos can be tricky as they have to be hosted on a third-party site like Youtube or Vimeo.


Camtasia quotes prices based on the client's industry and their user count.

  1. Individual Comes in at $250/year with all the features that Camtasia has to offer.
  2. Business Matching the price of the "Individual" license, the business license offers a few additional perks, such as Camtasia certification and tech support.
  3. Education Educational institutions get the best discount from Camtasia, with the fully-featured license clocking in only at $185/year.
  4. Governments and Non Profits Governments and non-profits also get the license at a discounted price of $230/year.

 I feel that Camtasia's lack of integrations and easy sharing options severely undermine its value.

7. Vmaker by Animaker

Another player in the screen recording space is Vmaker, Animaker's attempt at a recording tool.


  1. Simultaneous recording Vmaker allows for simultaneous recording of your screen, Webcam, and voice.
  2. Collaboration feature Vmaker provides features like access to teammates and custom folders for video organization within the team.
  3. Simple and Powerful Editing Vmaker makes editing simple with easy trimming and cropping and also gives access to advanced features like scene transitions and audio import.
  4. Accessibility Vmaker comes loaded with viewer accessibility features like custom annotations and cursor emphasis to reach the audience better.
  5. Security Vmaker boasts advanced security features such as 2 Factor Authentication, SSL Encryption, single sign-on, etc.,

Vmaker integrates platforms such as Github, Gitlab, and Jira. Vmaker is available as a Chrome extension.


  1. Vmaker comes at an affordable cost when compared with its competition.
  2. It comes with unique features like scheduled recording and self-destructing videos.


Vmaker does not provide features like video email and screenshot features.


Vmaker comes with a four-tier pricing model with the "Lite", "Starter", "Team", and "Enterprise" tiers.

  1. Lite  The Lite tier is Vmaker's free plan which comes with restrictions to its features like recording duration and video quality.
  2. Starter The starter plan, which comes in at $7/month/per user, comes with all of Vmaker's standard features but misses out on features like virtual backgrounds, custom logo, etc.,
  3. Team The team plan, which is available for $10/month/per user, comes with all of the Starter's features with additional features like a custom logo, custom domain, etc.,
  4. Enterprise Vmaker's fully featured plan requires the client to call Vmaker's sales team to get a custom quote.

8. Dubb - The biggest competitor of Loom when it comes to 'extras'

How many features are too many? That is the question the developers answer with Dubb.

Dubb is a powerful screen recorder with a plethora of unique features like a virtual assistant, an inbuilt CRM, and a lot more.


  1. Simultaneous recording Dubb allows for simultaneous recording of your screen, Webcam, and voice.
  2. Automatic transcripts Dubb generates automatic transcriptions for videos at an additional cost.
  3. CRM A unique feature that Dubb provides is its built-in CRM. Dubb's CRM allows you to manage customer data, track business and send video messages all from one place.
  4. Configurability and Automation Dubb allows customizations in the form of custom video presets for video elements such as CTAs, privacy options, branding options, etc., and automation with its feature to schedule video releases based on custom events.
  5. Advanced features Dubb possesses advanced features like "virtual backgrounds", "teleprompter", and the ability to create and share video scripts.
  6. Virtual assistant A feature unique to Dubb is its virtual assistant called Caria. Caira is designed to review your videos and help you improve your presentation skills like delivery, clarity, and persuasiveness.
  7. Easy Customization Dubb presents easy customization options for every aspect of your video, like thumbnails, links, logos, etc. Dubb also allows you to import your assets.
  8. Tailored video pages Dubb makes video hosting more personal with its custom video pages, where you can modify the page's elements like the style, the background, etc., keeping your video page on brand.
  9. Schedule Management Dubb provides you with the ability to organize your work life in the form of "Callify.me", a standalone schedule management application.
  10. Security Dubb comes inbuilt with all the latest security measures such as two-factor authentication and also supports integration to third party enterprise management platforms such as Microsoft active directory etc.,

Dubb integrates with platforms such as LinkedIn, Outlook, Zapier, Mailchimp, Slack, WordPress, etc. Dubb is available on macOS, Windows, Google Playstore, Apple Appstore, and as a Chrome extension.


  1. It comes packed to the brim with features like automatic transcripts and a high degree of personalization
  2. Presents unique features like CRM, Schedule manager, and virtual assistant, making it a do-all powerhouse application.
  3. Free for teachers and educators.


  1. Prices are higher than the competition, and standard features like "custom domains" are sold individually as add-ons.


Dubb prices its products based on the client's use case for the products. While Educators are eligible to get the product for free, the sales and marketing teams do have to pay a premium to use the product.

Sales and Marketing: The sales and marketing functions can get Dubb's basic starter tier for free, but with a lot of compromises like the absence of team management, presets, etc. The fully-featured pro plus version costs $80/month/ user.

Internal and support:  It lacks features related to sales such as CRM, teleprompter, etc. The "internal and support" functions get Dubb at a discounted price of $16/month/user for the highest-tier plan.

9. CloudApp

And the final entry into our list is CloudApp

CloudApp, like the other applications in our list, brings to the table a powerful screen recording tool with a host of additional features with features like GIFs and Screenshots.


  1. Simultaneous recording: CloudApp allows for simultaneous recording of your screen, Webcam, and voice.
  2. Screen capture: A feature not many of its competitors possess is its ability to capture screenshots and add a markup to highlight areas of importance in the captured screenshots.
  3. Annotations: CloudApp allows for easy highlighting of important elements through its annotations feature, which allows for drawings, highlighted cursor, etc. CloudApp also allows you to Blur sensitive information.
  4. GIFs: CloudApp provides the ability to create GIFs to condense effective information into video GIFs.
  5. Customizations: CloudApp brings forth a wide array of customizations options to your content in the form of CTAs, Custom Logos, Custom domains, Webhooks, etc.,
  6. Security: It has data protection in compliance with the SCO2 Type II compliance standard.

CloudApp integrates with platforms such as Zendesk, Zapier, Jira, Trello, Github, Google Docs, Slack, Asana, etc. CloudApp is available for download on Windows, macOS, the Apple app store, and as a Chrome extension.


  1. CloudApp has novel features going for it with GIFs, Screenshots, and customization features like Webhooks.
  2. CloupApp's features, such as annotations and customizations, add a personal touch to your videos.


  1. CloudApp lacks video editing features.
  2. CloudApp's Free tier restricts users to just 25 videos per month and a recording time limit of 90 seconds.


CloudApp is available in four tiers of pricing, namely "Free", "individual"," Team", and Enterprise.

  1. Free: CloudApp's free version offers a very limited set of features for free.
  2. Individual: The individual plan, which retails at $9.95, provides all of CloudApp's features with the exception of "Transcription" and "Single Sign-on".As the name suggests, it is intended for a single user.
  3. Team: The Team plan, which retails at $8, provides all of CloudApp's features with the exception of "Transcription" and "Single Sign-on". It is intended for teams of three or more users.
  4. Enterprise: The Enterprise plan intended for large companies comes fully loaded with all of CloudApp's features. The plan requires a custom quote from the CloudApp team.

Now that we have listed our nine alternatives to Loom let's look at how they stack up against each other.

Feature-wise analysis of Loom alternatives

1. Which Loom competitor is best at 'Recording'?

Winner: Tie between Clip and CrankWheel

Recording, which includes screen, voice, and video recording, proves to be a tie, as almost all the applications on our list work very well in this venue. The only applications that provide underwhelming recording performances are Clip by Clickup, which doesn't provide video recording features and CrankWheel, which is an application intended for live sharing.

2. Which Loom alternative is best at 'Editing'?

Winner: Camtasia

Runner Up: Hippo Video and Vmaker

Editing is one of the most important features when it comes to video production. Editing can make the difference between amateur and professional-looking videos and also cut down production time drastically. Camtasia, with its excellent video editing suite and its asset library, clinches the top stop while Hippo Video and Vmaker come in as a close second with features like green screens and transitions effects. Bonjoro and Clip by Clickup Completely lack video editing features.

3. Which video recording software provides the maximum 'Extras'?

Winner: Dubb

Runner Up: Hippo Video and Bonjoro

Everyone loves a freebie, and Dubb comes loaded with them, with features like a built-in CRM, a schedule manager, and a team management tool. Dubb presents itself as a do-it-all "Super Application". Hippo Video and Bonjoro are no slouches, with both coming loaded with marketing and analytical tools.

4. Which is the best-priced Loom alternative

Winner: Bonjoro and Dubb(For Education)

Runner-Up: Vmaker

It is always important for the products we use to have the right balance of performance and affordability. Bonjoro achieves the same by providing an impressive feature set for $499/month for unlimited users. Vmaker, packed with features, comes at a bargain of $10/user/month for its "Team" plan. Dubb renders its services free for educational institutions.

5. Which Loom alternative is Easiest-to-Use?

Winner: Hippo Video

Runner-Up: Vmaker

Sometimes even the best applications can lose their shine and get lost in the complexity; that is why ease of use is very important when selecting an application. With its intuitive user interface and easy editing features, HippoVideo ranks top in this category, closely followed by Vmaker, which allows for the same.

6. Which product is best at support?

Winner: Hippo Video

Runner-Up: Clip by  Click Up

Support for the application can make or break the user experience. With an extensive FAQ page and the customer support contacts readily available on the website Hippo Video takes the support crown. With its 24X7 support, Clip by ClickUp takes the second spot.

Final words on selecting the best alternatives to Loom

 "Competition drives progress and innovation, and the screen recorded segment is no exception."

Due to its competitive nature and constant innovations, the screen recorder "Battle Royale" yields no clear winner, allowing different platforms to take the throne for different verticals.

  1. If Sales is your top priority, "Hippo Video" or "Bonjoro" would make a great addition to your hyper-efficient sales team.
  2. "Dubb" takes the crown in the customer support space due to its rich feature set and affordability.      
  3. "Dubb" again comes out on top for the team communication vertical for its price to feature ratio.
  4. Nothing beats free, so for education, "Dubb", with its impressive abilities at no cost, has become the quintessential screen recorder for educators.
  5. The elite Marketing features from "Bonjoro" would make it a perfect addition to any marketing team.

FAQs on Loom and its competitors:

What can you use instead of a Loom?

Applications like HippoVideo and Dubb would make great replacements for Loom.

Is there a free alternative loom?

Yes, Clip by Click Up presents a fully-featured free tier.

Is Loom good for recording?

Yes, Loom is a product known for its simple and efficient recording features.

Does Microsoft have something like Loom?

Yes, Windows has a screen recorder in its "Xbox Game Bar", which comes as a built-in on "Windows 10" and "Windows 11" operating systems.