April 29, 2022

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11 Best Grammarly Alternatives - Free and Paid

Writing is a skill that helps us convey our thoughts to another person through words. Whether you are sending texts, writing an email, or writing a research paper, being consistent and grammatically correct portrays confidence and knowledge and makes it easier for your readers to engage with you.

What is Grammarly?

While writing does come naturally to many people, many others must rely on guidance from different pieces of software in our daily lives. This software can be anything from your phone's built-in autocorrect to a sophisticated application such as Grammarly.

Grammarly is a typing assistant app used by students, writers, and content creators across the world. While its free tier includes spelling, grammar, and punctuation assistance, its premium features seem irreplaceable for its users. Some of these premium features are:

  • Detecting tones and doing adjustments to make your text seem more confident.
  • Ensuring clarity and providing auto-generated re-writing suggestions for you to pick.
  • Providing synonyms and word choice alternatives for commonly used words.
  • Ensuring a uniform 'formality level' throughout your text.
  • Suggesting alternative words that are more inclusive.
  • Ensuring that the words you choose sound fluent.
  • Detecting plagiarism to ensure that your content remains unique.

We could keep going, but one feature requires a special mention. It played a key role in Grammarly's success, and the app would not be the same without it. Grammarly does not limit its presence on your computer to just the browser or your email application; it fully integrates itself with other applications and continues to function no matter what you are using. Whether it be Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or just a messaging app like Discord, Grammarly will assist you.

List of Top 11 alternatives of Grammarly

1. ProWritingAid – 9/10

2. Linguix – 7/10

3. Hemingway App – 6/10

4. Ginger – 8/10

5. Ink – 8/10

6. Outranking – 5/10

7. Readable – 7/10

8. SentenceCheckup – 5/10

9. WhiteSmoke – 5/10

10. Reverso – 4/10

11. WordTune – 7/10

Detailed analysis of Grammarly alternatives

Now that we have our list out of the way, we can focus on the actual details and features that these alternatives come with. Let us start with ProWritingAid, and we will make our way through the list.

1. ProWritingAid – 9/10 (Our top pick for Grammarly alternative)

The most viable alternative to Grammarly for most people, ProWritingAid is an AI-powered typing assistant that can also integrate into your other writing apps. It provides a customizable experience and goes beyond simple grammar. It does so by providing guidance, helping you improve your writing, and educating you so that you understand the mistakes you are making.

Features to note

A few of the top features of ProWritingAid are:

  • Live typing assistance so you can correct errors as you make them.
  • Integration into your writing applications and web browser.
  • "Writing Reports" help you break down the different skills you need to learn. There are 20 different types of reports. Some of the more important ones are: Writing Styles, Overused Words, Grammar and Diction reports, Readability and Repetition Checks
  • Built-in thesaurus for when you are short on vocabulary.
  • Customization so you can disable rules that are not relevant to you and the ability to create custom rules for yourself.
  • Data visualization and readability reports help you write better and according to your target audience.

Pros of ProWritingAid

·  Easy to use.

·  Integrates into your workflow.

·  It comes with a text editor.

·  A lifetime purchase option is available.

Cons of ProWritingAid

·  The Premium plan does not include plagiarism checking, and Premium+ only has 50 checks a year.

·  Feature-limited free plan.


ProWritingAid is priced lower than Grammarly. There is a lifetime purchase option for people who disapprove of monthly or annual subscriptions. The lifetime plan includes all updates that will happen in the future too. Pricing for the Premium plan is:

·  Monthly - $20

·  Yearly - $79

·  Lifetime - $399

Unfortunately, you will need to purchase Premium+ if you are interested in the plagiarism reports. Which does have a slightly higher cost:

·  Monthly - $24

·  Yearly - $89

·  Lifetime - $499

While, this article contains a brief on ProWritingAid, we have covered ProWritingAid vs Grammarly in a much more detail in this blog.

2. Linguix – 7/10 (An affordable Grammarly Alternative)

Linguix is a lightweight typing assistant designed to let you integrate it directly into your browser. It primarily focuses on fixing grammatical errors and making your life easier as a writer. Linguix is more than capable of helping you out if you need someone to look over your text. Despite not being as powerful as Grammarly.

Features to note

A few of the top features of Linguix are:

·  Grammar corrections and spell-checks as you type.

·  Rephrasing suggestions for when you do not want to think.

·  Shortcuts for repetitive tasks and typing

Pros of Linguix

·  Incredibly lightweight and works with all the popular browsers.

·  Much more affordable than the alternatives.

Cons of Linguix

·  Linguix does not have many features people look for in a typing assistant.

·  Style guides are only available to people using the team plan.

·  The lack of a desktop application means it will not integrate with your writing applications, limited to browsers and web apps only.


Linguix is incredibly affordable and comes with a simple pricing tag for premium. You will need to contact them yourself if you are interested in Linguix for a team.

·  Monthly - $14.99

·  Yearly - $96

3. Hemingway App – 6/10

When it comes to modern typing assistants, Hemingway App does fall short in the AI department. But that is because this application is not trying to be an AI typing assistant. The Hemingway Editor is a locally installed application that provides feedback about your writing by highlighting text as you type it.

Features to note

Hemingway Editor works by highlighting your text and providing suggestions in a colour-coded manner. It highlights:

·  Hard to read sentences.

·  Adverbs that you can omit.

·  Using passive voice in your text.

·  Commonly used phrases or words with simpler alternatives.

·  The editor also provides valuable information like the time required to read your text, the number of words, sentences, paragraphs, etc., alongside a Grade-based readability score.

Pros of Hemingway

·  Hemingway Editor works without an internet connection.

·  It is simple to use and installs directly on your computer.

·  The feedback is easy to understand because of the colour coding.

Cons of Hemingway

·  There is no grammar checking.

·  There is no plagiarism checker.

·  Features such as writing styles, rephrasing, and synonym finders are missing.


Hemingway Editor comes with a single, affordable price tag that lets you have the application forever.

·  Lifetime - $19.99

4. Ginger – 8/10 (A good grammarly alternative with super-easy UI)

Ginger is an excellent alternative if you are looking for an AI-powered assistant to be with you while you write your documents or emails. Like its competitors, Ginger also focuses on integration, an intuitive user interface, and a writing experience that protects you from embarrassing mistakes.

Features to note

Ginger's core features include:

·  Grammar and spelling checks

·  Sentence Rephrasing tools

·  Punctuation checker

·  Synonyms generated by a context-aware AI

·  Personal English trainer.

Pros of Ginger

·  Ginger can integrate with all the popular applications out there, including your web browser.

·  Fully equipped with most of the features a beginner writer would need.

·  Built-in dictionary and thesaurus.

Cons of Ginger

·  There is no plagiarism checker despite the app having an "Essay Checker"

·  No offline usage.

·  The interface can be confusing for some people.


Ginger is available in its entirety at three different pricing plans.

·  Monthly - $19.99

·  Quarterly - $33.57

·  Annual - $89.88

5. INK – 8/10 (A Grammarly competitor meant for SEO experts)

INK is an AI writing assistant that can automatically generate texts for you. While the tool exists primarily for SEO planners and experts, students and writers can use it as a typing assistant as well. INK comes with a browser extension, a web app as well as a desktop application.

Features to note

While INK has many features, we will focus on the ones relevant to typing assistants.

·  Spelling and Grammar checks

·  Rephrasing sentences and showing AI-generated texts.

·  Detailed synonyms and giving alternative phrases.

·  Integrating completely with your browser.

Pros of Ink

·  INK also offers AI-powered writing options to auto-generate text.

·  Receive suggestions and feedback as you type.

·  Modify sentences with just a click or two.

Cons of Ink

·  The primary focus of INK is not on providing writing assistance similar to its competitors.

·  The pricing structure focuses on SEO experts and business owners, despite the chrome application being completely free to use with any paid plan.


Although INK focuses on AI-generated texts and content, it can still be an affordable alternative for people interested in improving their writing. Even more so if they have SEO content on the side. You will need to purchase the cheapest option available to you to use the browser extension for free.

·  Monthly - $22

·  Annual - $105.6

6. Outranking – 5/10

Outranking is also an AI-powered SEO writing assistant like INK. It can help you generate writing outlines and entire paragraphs and even do all the SEO research for you. While the tool does not grant you as much writing assistance as Grammarly does, it still is formidable in its own right.

Features to note

Some of the features of Outranking are:

·  Keyword generation and page optimization

·  SEO optimization and text generation

·  Automated internal link generation and suggestions


·  AI text generation makes it easy to write content.

·  Outranking can write content according to where you will be publishing it, YouTube, Website, Press Releases, etc.


·  Outranking does not help you with your writing at all.

·  You will need to use the tool in combination with another application like Grammarly.

·  No desktop apps nor browser extensions to improve your writing.


Outranking is not a writing assistant app therefore the pricing may seem off to people not interested in their SEO features. The minimum tier pricing for Outranking is:

·  Monthly - $49

·  Annual - $588

7. Readable - 7/10

Ensuring that your content is readable is exactly what Readable does. By analyzing your text and providing feedback, Readable ensures that you avoid making mistakes that can make people lose interest in your writing.

Features to note

Some of Readable's core features are:

·  Spelling and Grammar corrections

·  Sentence length and readability analysis.

·  Complex words, clichés, adverbs, and passive voice detection.

·  Formal or conversational tone detection.

·  Sentiment analysis to see if readers will find your text positive or negative.


·  Web-based editor and tool that you can use everywhere you have the internet.

·  Ability to read and score an entire website with the paid version.

·  Automated analysis of documents you place in your Dropbox or Slack.


·  There is no desktop application or browser extension.

·  Readable is primarily a tool for SEO workers, the writing improvements are a secondary focus.


Readable has different pricing tiers, but for this comparison, we will only be looking at their ContentPro pricing.

·  Monthly - $8

·  Annual - $48

8. Sentence Checkup – 5/10

Sentence Checkup is a free online tool where users can analyze a piece of text to look for technical inconsistencies, spelling, grammar mistakes, etc. While it does function as advertised, it is far from a complete application. Either way, if you are only looking for some quick feedback on a few sentences, Sentence Checkup is the website to visit.

Features to note

Some of the features of Sentence Checkup are:

·  Spelling and Grammar corrections

·  Detecting punctuation mistakes.

·  Sentence structure corrections.


·  Completely web-based

·  Free of charge


·  No checks for sentence length, readability, or rephrasing.

·  Cannot check for extra adverbs.

·  No browser extension or desktop application.


Sentence Checkup is completely free to use.

9. WhiteSmoke – 5/10 (A good Grammarly alternative dedicated to academics)

Professional academics across the world often use WhiteSmoke, as an alternative to grammarly, to proofread or write their work. But with the recent advancements in tech, the alternatives are simply far too superior now. While WhiteSmoke still does have its place in the world, we would recommend new writers edge away from it and look elsewhere.

Features to note

While WhiteSmoke does have some of the features considered necessary in a typing assistant tool, it lacks many of the tools that other modern solutions offer. We can summarize WhiteSmoke's features as:

·  Spelling and Grammar checks

·  Writing Style detection.

·  Punctuation corrections.

·  Plagiarism checker.


·  Desktop and web applications for use.

·  Compatible with Microsoft Office and Gmail.

·  Includes plagiarism checking


·  Outdated interface and user experience.

·  The minimum subscription duration is 1 year.

·  The app lacks features that require an AI.

·  Features are incredibly similar to the Hemingway App.


You can only buy WhiteSmoke for either a year or for three years.

For the web versions:

·  1 Year - $59.95

·  3 Years - $124.95

For the premium version (web, and one single-computer license):

·  1 Year - $79.95

·  3 Years - $199.95

10. Reverso – 4/10 (similar to Grammarly, but far behind in features)

Reverso provides several tools for you to improve your writing. Their services range from grammar checking and synonym suggestions to context-based translations between several languages. While Reverso does have some of the core functionality you would want in a typing assistant, it lags far behind tools like Grammarly and ProWritingAid.

Features to note

Reverso's prominent features are:

·  Spelling and Grammar checks.

·  Rephrasing and Synonym suggestions.

·  Document translation support.

·  Simple and context-based translation support.

Pros of Reverso

·  Web, desktop, and mobile applications are available.

·  There is a browser extension as well.

Cons of Reverso

·  Reverso does not integrate into your existing workflow and applications.

·  No plagiarism checking.

·  There is a character limit on premium too.


There is a monthly and an annual plan subscription plan:

·  Monthly - $10.99

·  Annual - $71.88

11. WordTune – 7/10

An AI-based assistant that works with entire sentences instead of just words and understands the context of your work. WordTune provides rewritten sentences based on your selected tone preferences; it is a browser extension that can also detect grammatical errors and spelling mistakes while providing alternative sentences.

Features to note

Some of the key features of WordTune are:

·  Spelling and grammar correction.

·  Rewritten sentences.

·  Text length expansion and shortening.

·  It supports both casual and formal writing tones.


·  Browser extension that you can use on all web apps.

·  Unlimited sentence rewrites with the premium plan.

·  Incredibly lightweight and easy to use.


·  WordTune does not provide grammar or spelling correction without rewriting your sentences.

·  There is no desktop application, so you can only use it in a browser.

·  Lacks most of the features that writing assistants have.


WordTune has a monthly and an annual payment plan:

·  Monthly - $24.99

·  Annual - $119.88

How to select the right Grammarly alternative?

Grammarly is, by far, the most famous and widely used typing assistant out there, but despite its success, it does fall short in different departments. Some people believe it is too intrusive, while others wish the interface and user experience were better. What alternative you select depends entirely on what your needs are.

For Academic Writers and Students

ProWritingAid is an excellent alternative to Grammarly if you are happy with all the features that Grammarly already brings to the table. It is a single tool that contains everything that a teacher, student, or academic writer might need.

The only drawback is that ProWritingAid does not have plagiarism checking in the Premium plan, and you will have to get the Premium+ plan if you need to check plagiarism.

On the other hand, if you simply want a no-distractions writing solution, then we also recommend the Hemingway App. It provides a straightforward editor that you can use to improve your work's readability and quality.

For Content Marketers and Blog Writers

This is where tools like INK and Outranking come in. Both focus on increasing your SEO scores by leveraging their AI technology. These tools help you generate headlines and blog outlines, and INK even writes your opening paragraphs for you.

AI-based assistants for content creators are irreplaceable in the modern era. If you are interested in improving your writing while also making your brainstorming jobs a lot easier, we highly recommend picking up INK, and then delving deeper into their AI generators.

For Emails and Messaging

Browser extensions like Linguix are best suited for people who wish to improve their communication skills. Ginger is also an alternative that you can go for, but both extensions do provide a similar experience.

We recommend you start with Linguix and if it is unsatisfactory, try Ginger.

Why do people switch from Grammarly to other alternatives?

There can be any number of reasons why someone would want to switch from Grammarly to other competitor. Whether they make the switch due to privacy concerns, due to their own user experience, or expectations, we are lucky to live in a world that has competition and viable alternatives.

During our research, we did find some valid reasons that kept popping up:

·  Privacy concerns. People do not want Grammarly to have access to the text that they write. Whether you want your written text to stay private or simply wish to keep business secrets close to your chest, moving away from Grammarly due to privacy concerns is a valid reason. Many tech companies and online news sites like GeekWire do not allow their employees to use Grammarly.

·  Intrusive Assistance. For many users, Grammarly provides an intrusive user experience that interrupts their writing process. These users are often unable to write at all if there are distractions on screen, and Grammarly does not help in any way.

·  Pricing. Not all students can afford to purchase incredibly expensive subscriptions for writing assistant software. Most of the tools we reviewed do have free versions available, although their functionality is extremely limited. If you do not need the advanced functionality that comes with Grammarly or ProWritingAid, then we highly recommend sticking to a more affordable alternative.

Summarizing the best alternatives to Grammarly

While it is difficult to summarize vastly different applications with their diverse features and use-cases, we will still try to do our best.

·  Best Overall – ProWritingAid

·  Lightweight browser extension - Linguix

·  Distraction-free writing – Hemingway App

·  Content writing and a little bit of SEO – INK

·  Best for only SEO and related tools – Outranking

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

No comparison is complete without answering a few of the most frequently asked questions.

Is there a free alternative to Grammarly?

It depends. While most of the applications we mentioned perform functions similar to Grammarly's, they still cost you if you need to use them regularly. Most of these applications have a free tier. There is no harm in looking at the free features offered to you.

Can I avoid paying a monthly subscription to Grammarly?

Yes. There are alternatives like the Hemingway Editor that only cost $19.99 to purchase for life. You can also buy a lifetime membership of ProWritingAid, although that will cost you a hefty sum. But if you do not wish to keep spending money monthly and plan on using these apps professionally, it may be a worthwhile investment to purchase a lifetime license.

Is ProWritingAid better than Grammarly?

ProWritingAid and Grammarly are incredibly similar applications. The only difference between their suggestions would be in their AI-generated recommendations and feedback. If you do not want to use Grammarly, then ProWritingAid is one of the best alternatives. But whether one is superior to the other is entirely dependent on which features interest you.

Is Ginger better than Grammarly?

If we had to pick between Ginger and Grammarly, I would pick Grammarly because, at the surface level, the features offered by Ginger are nowhere close to those offered by Grammarly. Where Grammarly offers a familiar user interface, has a plagiarism checker, and lets you check documents on the go, Ginger is multilingual and lets you translate.

Does Grammarly have a free plan?

Yes! Grammarly's free plan contains a spellchecker, grammar corrections, and detects punctuation mistakes. Unfortunately, while it will point out that you have other mistakes in your text, it will refuse to help you with them unless you pay a premium fee.