April 25, 2022

8 minutes

7 Free AI Copywriting Tools

AI is here, and it is altering the digital marketing landscape in ways we've never seen before. Whether it's voice recognition on your smartphone or the ability to translate text from one language to another instantly, marketers are using AI to automate several processes that once required manual intervention. 

Copywriting can be challenging, but it can be a breeze with the right tools. Today, we will look at some free AI copywriting tools that will help you create unique content in no time.

Our picks for 7 Free AI Copywriting Tools

1. Rytr

Rytr is a copywriting tool that uses AI to create content for various purposes, from emails to blogs and ad copies, catchy, original, and SEO-optimized copies in varieties of tones and languages in just a few seconds. This content produced is highly engaging, relevant, and takes just seconds to create. It comes with prebuilt layouts and outlines for your desired content, and you get to choose from all the different options for all different kinds of variants.

Key Features:

  1. 30+ templates and use-cases to choose from
  2. It comes with 30+ language options to choose from
  3. You can write with the right emotion through 20+ tones of voice
  4. Leverage time tested copywriting formulas such as AIDA and PAS
  5. Rephrase and Shorten options for you to tweak your content 
  6. Eliminate plagiarism with an in-built plagiarism checker
  7. It comes with an in-built SEO analyzer


  1. Limited to 5000 characters per month
  2. The custom use case feature is only available for premium members.
  3. Content generated isn't always accurate.

The free plan of this AI CopyWriting Tool includes all the premium features but a limitation of 5000 characters per month.

2. Jasper AI Copywriting Tool

Another great Free AI copywriting tool that I've used is Jasper. It's a new kid on the block, so to speak, when it comes to AI writing assistants. I find it unique in its ability to generate content for both short and long-form text in various tones. I've generated stunning blog posts, product descriptions, social media posts, and even video titles with Jasper.

Key Features:

  1. It comes with 50+ helpful content templates. Some of my personal favourites are the AIDA, PAS, and the content improver.
  2. It supports 25+ languages and is consistently in the process of adding more.
  3. It also has an in-built grammar fixer and a plagiarism checker.
  4. Its integration with SurferSEO fuels your content to rank at the top of Google


  1. I've seen a lot of mistakes when it comes to generating content that involves facts and figures.
  2. The user interfaces for their mobile app are a mess.
  3. It lacks an API. So, if you use Zapier or any automation tools, you might be disappointed.

Jasper has a 5-day free trial with a 10,000-word limit. It's enough to get the hang of the platform plus generate a good amount of content.

3. Copy.ai, one of the older AI copywriting tools

Copy AI is another AI tool that generates short-form copy for your writing. It excels at short-form content like email subject lines, blog titles, product descriptions, brainstorming, and bullet points. It can be anything from brainstorming to drafting a product description.

Key Features:

  1. Copy AI comes with 90+ templates and styles.
  2. It works with 25 languages, regardless of the plan you choose.
  3. It also offers a training portal where users can generate enticing copies for their campaigns.
  4. It also has a chrome extension and can be used in any tab you like, writing an email or a Shopify product page.
  5. It has an intuitive design; everything is laid out in a transparent and frictionless manner.


1. It's limited to generating short-form copies.

2. There's no integration with third-party apps.

3. I had a tough time navigating through the templates. The UX could've been better.

There is a Free Trial option, I explored all premium features for 7 days, and the best part is there's no need for a credit card for the trial.

4. Anyword (AI copywriting tool with a predictive performance score)

Anyword is the first AI copywriting tool to offer a predictive performance score to enhance and improve the performance of the copies. It writes concise and eloquent copy that can elicit intended actions. The copy generated with Anyword is proven to attract more customers and improve conversions rates.

Key Features:

  1. Anyword's custom mode allows us to train the writing assistant to write copy in your brand voice, competitors, or top-performing live ads.
  2. Its continuous optimization feature facilitates automatic optimization of your on-site copy, delivering a clear message to the right audience.
  3. Anyword can evaluate and understands how different demographics will react to different copy variation.
  4. Its proprietary predictive scoring system helps make better content decisions.


1. Generating blog posts can be time-consuming as it's slower than other similar tools.

I am calling this a Free AI Copywriting tool because the forever free plan includes all the premium features. There is a limitation of 1000 words per month though.

5. Grammarly, the most popular AI Copywriting Tool

It's no secret that everyone makes mistakes in writing, even professional writers. Finding the higher-level nuances can be overwhelming when you have the basics down. But luckily for you, there's Grammarly, another free AI content writer. This app for writers offers proofreading and editing services and can even provide suggestions on specific grammar, spelling, and style errors.

Key Features:

  1. Quick and accurate grammar and spelling check 
  2. Easy to use interface and chrome extension that follows you anywhere you type.
  3. It has a robust mobile keyboard
  4. Sends personalized weekly mail about the areas of grammar mistakes you are prone to making.


  1. It doesn't work offline.
  2. It's merely a grammar checker and doesn't have full-fledged content-generating tools.

Its free forever plan comes with a basic grammar and spelling checker that's enough for most writers. While there are numerous apps similar to grammarly, it continues to be the market leader.

6. ProWritingAid (Partly Free AI Copywriting tool)

ProWritingAid is the perfect addition to any writer's toolkit. It tackles all the significant issues that most writers face, including spelling and grammar errors, typos, and plagiarism.


  1. ProWritingAid comes with 20+ in-depth writing reports, including highlighting elements like repetitiveness, vague wording, passive voice, and more.
  2. It also gives real-time suggestions for errors with explanations, videos, and quizzes to help build writing skills.
  3. ProWritingAid has 2 excellent features to combat writer's block and find the perfect replacement for words -word explorer and contextual thesaurus.
  4. It easily integrates with all of your favourite writing tools like MS word, Google Docs, and Open Office, so you can edit wherever you feel comfortable.
  5. ProwritingAid reviews on web and other review sites are very positive.


1. I sensed a bit more delay in detecting errors than other similar tools.

2. It does not come with a mobile app or a keyboard.

3. There's no mac integration for MS word.

Its free plan comes with limited features and a 500-word review limit which might be enough for very basic use-cases. However, if you're looking to get real work done, this is probably not a trule free option, when it comes to AI copywriting tools

7. Smart Copy - Free AI Copywriting tool by Unbounce

Smart Copy by Unbounce makes generating ideas for short-form content easier and comes at a fraction of the price of its competitors. Users have access to tools that help them launch campaigns and get reliable and trustworthy results. It's a one-stop solution to generating content for your website and ad campaigns.


  1. It comes with a library of 45+ templates for all kinds of content needs.
  2. It supports 30+ languages for you to reach an audience beyond your native tongue.
  3. It comes with an extension that allows generating creative copies across your favourite tools.


1. Limited to generating short-form content

2. The free plan has limited access to content generation.

The forever free plan of this AI Copywriting tool includes all the premium features but with a limitation of 5 credits per day.

We haven't covered Outranking and competitors in this article. However, this website contains a very detailed review of Outranking.

Conclusion: Which is the best Free AI Copywriting tool?

Now that you are aware of all the free options for AI copywriting tools, it's time to choose the best one for your use case.

Given the diverse range of features, you might have difficulties deciding which one to go with.

In that case, I've listed 3 of my personal recommendations below.

#1 Grammarly: Grammarly is the tool I use daily; its proofreading and error correction features can benefit any writer.

#2 Jasper: If you are serious about content creation and writing long-form articles is your thing, then Jasper is your weapon of choice. It has everything that a blog writer needs, from generating SEO-optimized blogs to writing copies that sell.

#3 Smart Copy: Smart Copy does a good job generating short-form copies. If writing ad copies is something you do, Smart Copy can significantly save your time and increase your ROI.