May 1, 2022

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13 Best explainer video software

You want to share your product or service with the world and increase your sales. You also want to use email outreach tools to find new customers.

You have tried different email outreach tools, but they didn't produce the expected results. You are spending a lot of money, and you don't understand why your email outreach tools are not working.No matter what; you have to find a solution to this problem.

This post will look at some emerging tools that help you create stunning explainer videos. To help you choose the right software, I've analyzed each option and created a shortlist of their best features. I also included my opinion on whether the features were worth the extra costs in this list. So, let's start reading:

A complete guide to selecting the Best explainer video software

The following are some best explainer video software with its additional features pros and cons and pricing:

1. Visme

Visme is drag and drop explainer video creater software that allows you to create animated explainers with customizable animated characters. There are also many backdrops, objects, and animation effects to give your narrative a visual boost.

Visme comes with a wide selection of templates, including popular vertical video sizes for social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Visme's video templates are not just your typical vanilla templates. They are visually beautiful, high-quality, and so easy to customize. Each template includes a collection of pre animated characters that you can drop into your projects. You have the freedom to make high quality stunning videos without touching one line code.

Visme is a very flexible web application when it comes to content development. You may design papers, social media graphics, infographics, data visualizations, interactive material, and much more in addition to movies.

Additional features

Visme also offers a free MAC desktop program that can use independently of any browser. Using your Brand Kit, you can easily produce branded animated explainer films. 

Make sure your explainer video's font and color schemes are consistent with your brand. Visme is simple to use and has a short learning curve for people looking to create basic animated explainer videos.

The team constantly develops the user experience and design features to make creating visual material easier.

The Visme Blog contains many articles and lessons on creating better content if you need guidance with design and layout. All you need is some creativity.


  • Wide range of templates, shapes, and animations for creating a good explainer video
  • High-quality animations and visuals
  •  Easy to customize
  •  Lots of tools for editing and enhancing your video
  •  Ability to upload to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels
  •  Works with any website


  • We can't think of any disadvantages to Visme. However, we may be prejudiced.

Who is it for?

Visme is easy to use and a great tool for pretty much anyone. For example, a group of students could create an animated short film while they're still in school that they can share with their community to promote their work. With Visme Pro, you can collaborate with your teammates directly on the project to make edits, add content and combine efforts so when your final project is done, it represents each of you equally well.


Visme comes with everything you need to get started right away; it's really easy to use. And there are three different plans depending on what your needs are: the Premium Plan, which offers access to even more features like different templates, the Business plan that gives you unlimited projects and the Brand Kit, and the Trial account priced at $19/month with one-click videos creation and no credit card required.

2. Animaker explainer video software

Animaker is an effective explainer video tool for creating animated videos that offers you a robust way to create 2D and 3D animations with dedicated Character Animator templates.

Whether you're just looking for a way to animate your text or bring special effects into your videos, Animaker can handle all kinds of animation creation with its intuitive animation editor, which works with specially designed scenes to edit each element separately in your video easily.

The character builder in Animaker is a fantastic tool for creating explanation videos. You may change almost everything about the character's physical size except for the character's physical size.

 If you want to change the body size, it can't be done in Animaker, but that's okay because this feature won't affect how the rest of your video will look. You can use animaker even with amateur video editing knowledge.

Animaker has several editing tools to build complicated explainer animations with a lot of information and animated images. There are also animation transitions between scenes that may make the transitions between scenes less jarring and choppy.

Additional features

Animaker offers numerous features that make producing videos easier than ever. In addition to the capacity to record videos directly in the Animaker editor, you can add extra elements like animated characters and backgrounds by downloading additional tools like Animaker Voice, Character Builder, and maker. You can add effects or edit your footage with Gif Maker too. When you have finished creating videos, don't forget to export your video online with Profiles.


  • High-quality animations
  • Lots of editing tools
  • Easy to use
  • Ability to add videos, text, and own images


  • It doesn't provide an option to change body size.  
  • Creating a balanced video in a unified visual style isn't easy.


The free Animaker plan is sufficient to familiarise you with the framework and its features. You can download five projects, but they will have a watermark. Also, there are a few changes allowed in your video. Paid plans, however, allow for much more: you can make an unlimited number of video projects - with or without watermarks - and you also get a lot of creative freedom and enterprise privileges.

  • Basic is $10/month
  • The starter is $19/per month.
  • Pro is $39/month
  • Enterprise has custom pricing.

Who is it for?

Animaker is an animated explainer video software that is ideal for small business owners that prefer the look of animated videos in their explainer-style content. Startups will also get plenty of value from this tool as long as they manage to bring a unique visual strategy based on the templates that Animaker offers.

3. Powtoon Explainer video software

Powtoon is a popular video creation software created to help boost a business's success by creating animated videos for social media and paid advertising. Powtoon aims to provide businesses with the ability to create eye-catching and appealing cool explainer videos using a variety of customizable templates.

This animation software provides a vast choice of easily changeable templates and allows users to quickly pick between an infographic animation, cartoon, or fake documentary.

Explainer video templates in Powtoon offer five different design styles, from Modern to Whiteboard. Each style has its unique appeal and will suit different business purposes better than others. Powtoon is known for creating cool explainer video using multiple video styles and animation styles.

Once inside the editor, these styles are further complemented by an equal amount of themes, including earthy tones such as a wood board (which could be perfect for home renovations), autumn foliage (perfect for a photography studio), or even pink flamingos standing in a natural marsh (great for vacations!).

In the editor, you can choose whether to start an editor or if you would rather create a video with its template as a starting point. One of the numerous features that distinguish it is the ease with which you may switch between the two modes at any moment. Changing the video's size or proportions is simple if you're working with other platforms.

Additional Features

Recently Powtoon has added several new extensions to their service. Their PowerPoint import feature is currently in beta, which means it's subject to change at any time before it becomes available to everyone. A Photoshop CC addon that allows you to export graphics as scenes is also available. After that, you may animate the items within them in Powtoon.


  • Simple interface
  • Flexible templates
  • Free trial
  • Easy to use.


  • Some users in online reviews say there is a high learning curve to understanding how best to create visually balanced presentations of the elements of a scene.


A Free Powtoon subscription offers users access to a limited collection of customizable templates, motion graphics, and music tracks with a Powtoon watermark attached. There are several paid plans available with varying subscription options are:

  • Pro is $19/month
  • Pro+ is $33/month
  • Agency is $99/month

Who is it for?

Powtoon is for skilled people who understand the approach to animation and how to put it to good use. It's perfect for marketers, entrepreneurs, and small- and medium-sized business owners. Powtoon is the best solution for every project at any stage a service or product may be in, from conception to marketing, installation, and continuing optimization of your sales funnel. 


RawShorts is different than other video platforms as it is made specifically to cater to creators who find themselves primarily in the online space. There are several tools within the platform that one can use to make videos efficiently, from text to style and storyboard.

The AI (Artificial Intelligence) embedded into this platform is its most important feature, as it allows you to produce your brand explanation film with no effort. 

RawShorts has a variety of templates that you can choose from or make one of your designs with the pinch of your fingertips.

Most importantly, RawShorts empowers users with a very simple yet powerful toolset unlike any other service in its category, having even discouraged more corporations from making their internal software altogether when they've seen how convenient RawShorts truly is!

There are three sizes of pre-made templates available in raw shorts: horizontal, square, and vertical. The pre-designed templates are available in four formats: full explainer templates, individual scene libraries, whiteboard templates, and scenes.

Additional Features

It Includes an AI-powered Explainer video maker that will generate your video in a matter of minutes. You can also use RawShorts as a storytelling tool. It can help you create a simple storyboard for your video. It will then automatically turn your storyboard into a video for you.


  • AI-based video creation
  • User-friendly interface
  • Drag and drop editing
  • Storyboard templates


To add motion to your videos, you'll need to use screen capture software. You can also use screen capture software to show images and other graphics. Consider using some screen recording and video editing software for extra-unique videos with rich and smooth graphics.


RawShorts is a new company offering its services to similar companies. They offer a free trial version because they want everyone to try out what they have to offer first-hand, as they are very confident that you will like it.

  • The Essential Plan is $39 per month and includes 25 downloads.
  • The Business Plan is $59 a month for 50 downloads.

Who is it for?

RawShorts is for that person who has a script that needs to be converted into an animation video. These people will save a lot of time and money on their project because the latter still offers the same quality as other content creator companies but at a much lower cost. 

The viewers will also enjoy watching it repeatedly because of the pause feature added at key moments during the video when necessary. A person can use it as many times as possible because its license is entirely free.

5. Vyond - a popular animated explainer video software

Although PowToon offers many great features and flexibility, Vyond offers more variety in terms of editing options for purposes like whiteboard animation videos. 

Suppose you're looking to carry over some of your video-to-photo features from when you used Photobizmo. In that case, Vyond offers similar touchscreen app functions that let you edit and create easily.

Custom characters give you limitless possibilities since you can customize them to any look you want. So, for example, if someone wants a superhero – choose the superhero costume, or if it's a princess – get the princess dress and accessories, and so on.

And if you need to turn it into something more modern, choose dark clothing with jeans or even a graphic t-shirt. Then there are additional elements to animate like hair, eyes, and mouth regarding facial animations and gestures.

In customizing an explainer videos using this technology, we can also decide our character's body type: thin, thick, fat, etc. And while many companies use these effects to create an animated video, it has only recently been given accessibility according to customer demand through broader character customization options added.

Vyond helps you create great explainer videos in three different styles: Contemporary, Business Friendly, and Whiteboard Animation. The style you need to pick depends on your specific project goals and needs.

Additional Features

Vyond enables everyone to create different types of videos, including explainer videos. With Vyond's templates, individuals can get started on any project, and you don't have to be a professional. You can make educational and informational videos and other subjects for various purposes.


  • Provide a variety of templates.
  • Easy to use.
  • Customizable.


Vyond has a lot to offer, but at the same time, not everything it's promising. It doesn't have enough movable parts with a little animation and limited customization for different human body types. This can pose a hurdle for business owners who want to implement animated e-learning materials in their offices.


Vyond doesn't offer any monthly payment plans. Instead, the tool focuses on offering pricing plans based on a full year of service. It can benefit you because it eliminates worrying about being disconnected from the internet. With an annual plan, you will have access to all of Vyond's features for a full 12 months, rather than only being able to use them for a monthly period. 

  • The Essential plan costs $299 per year (about $24 per month).
  • The year-long Premium plan costs $649.
  • The Professional package costs $999 per year for each user.
  • On request, enterprise plans are available.

Who is it for?

Vyond is a brilliant marketing tool for startup founders. With Vyond, one can create an explainer video in just minutes! It's the perfect app for bringing ideas to life with the added benefit of being impressive and innovative.

6. Biteable

Biteable is an online video creator that helps entrepreneurs to create compelling explainer videos using multiple animation styles. They have a range of pre-made templates, each with a unique animation style. However, one thing you'll find that's consistent throughout is the sleek design that pulls in viewers with minimal effort on your behalf over at Biteable.

You can make videos completely personalized to suit the nature of your website or business. You can even customize their templates to fit just the right individual scenes of your video. You need to fill out certain details.

Additional features

Apart from explainer videos, Biteable is also a suitable app for creating social media videos content for your business's Facebook page or Twitter. They can also use it for creating intros and outros for your podcast or blog and social media posts. With this website, any entrepreneur will be able to create great content that keeps people coming back for more. While it does not have advanced animation tools, you can use it to create engaging videos for video marketing.


  • Highly customizable.
  • Biteable has a sleek and clean interface.
  • Simple to use.


When building a pre-made template into your video, you're going to have many different options for adding new scenes, meaning that it can be challenging to create visually balanced scenes.


Free Biteable plans allow you to make as many videos as possible, but they'll have the Biteable watermark. If you'd like better quality videos, upgrade to a premium plan for $19/month. You can cancel at any time.

  • The Plus plan is $19/month.
  • The Ultimate plan is $49/per month.

Who is it for

Biteable is for content creators who want to expand their online presence and share their creative work with millions of new fans. We integrate your brand with the best stock footage and animations from some of the top artists in the industry.


VideoScribe is a software program that enables you to quickly, conveniently, and easily create whiteboard animations. One of the great aspects of this software is that, unlike some other comparable apps, it works whether you're online and connected to the internet or offline and unable to connect. 

VideoScribe is ideal for those who prefer to work without access to the internet. The admin panel has various useful tools to maintain your profile and make adjustments if necessary. 

The animation features are also extensive, with different settings that allow you to create beautifully animated explainers.

VideoScribe provides a sufficient variety of pre-existing templates. Each template has many customizations, so it's easy to make it look perfect for your project. We've also created animated samples that you can use exactly as they are or customize.

Additional features

Video scribe lets you produce animation whiteboard explainer videos right on your phone. This app is accessible to both Android and iOS users. As part of a Dynamic Market platform, it's simple to locate what you're searching for, whether making a basic modification to an existing film or inventing a character from scratch and animating them.


  • Easy to use
  • Great selection of templates
  • It supports both Android and IOS


VideoScribe is not available online. Many people prefer cloud-based 

software to work. It takes time to finish a video using VideoScribe.


  • VideoScribe offers a seven-day free trial, which is great for understanding the software's capabilities. However, to take advantage of all that VideoScribe offers, you'll need a paid plan (which is more than worth it.) For business purposes, a paid plan is necessary.
  • When paid yearly, the Monthly plan costs 13 Euros each month.
  • 550 Euros is a one-time payment.

Who is it for

If your strategy targets people who prefer paper and pen over technology, Videoscribe is the perfect choice for you to make a whiteboard animated video explainer. Everyone loves easy-to-view tutorials neatly organized by topic, so this tool can offer solutions where others fail.

8. Wideo

A Wideo is a software that has both a create and edit function. The editor allows you to choose between two different modes; one can add content to your video, and the other where you choose an already existing template to model each scene after.

This gives all users plenty of quality choices, including creating their animation. Wideo, like many other programs such as PowerPoint or Word, will allow anyone who uses these products to easily transition into becoming a user of Wideo with no trouble at all.

Template styles for explainer videos come in square, vertical, and horizontal. The variety of template options is the biggest distinguishing factor between free tier subscriptions versus higher tier subscriptions. 

But, you shouldn't just focus on how many HD templates there are or how many 2D characters can be used and analyzed but also consider how robust the back-end editor is and what additional features are available.

Additional features

Wideo also allows you to accomplish many other tasks aside from video editing. It includes a few different features that make it more comprehensive and appealing for users.

You can create custom recordings for example, and record animated GIFs, which are useful for marketing efforts and tutorials on your website to teach people how your product or service works.


  • Template-based editing
  • Variety of templates to choose from
  • Free to use for all users
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to navigate


  • Video doesn't have customizable characters inside the platform, although it features limited color options. Even though the animations help get good results and are fairly easy to use, they can be challenging to master for beginners.


The free Wideo plan will only let you incorporate videos of up to 15-seconds in length, which is a pity because, as you have discovered, it's such a brilliant way to create a custom demo video for your business. 

  • Basic is $19/month
  • Pro is $39/month
  • Pro+ is $79/month

Who is it for?

Wideo is for marketers and startup founders who want to create videos that explain their products clearly and are fun and memorable. It's also an excellent tool for people who know how to create with a timeline; it's probably ideal for video artists who can use the program well but excel at keyframe animations.

9. Toonly explainer video software

Toonly is another video creation tool available in both free and paid tiers. This software lets you create and edit your explainer videos in a very easy-to-use interface.

Toonly is a simple and clean way to create a short explainer video that can use on a website, blog, social media, or anywhere else. It's also easy to export your videos in multiple formats.

It also allows you to easily use their pre-designed backdrops and scenes without any hassle or stress going on all morning until they're happy with the way their explainer video looks. 

The drag and drop functionality of their characters, props, and backgrounds makes it so easy because they get things together in no time at all. 

You can input content using their timeline feature, ensuring that everything is kept in order which is especially nice if you want your explainer video to be cohesive and well designed.

It only has no video templates, only pre-made scenes. It only discourages the use of video templates because it wants users to choose how they create their animated videos.

Additional features

One To only account can be used for multiple computers - many times even if they are not yours.


  • It's free.
  • It's easy to use.
  • It's customizable.
  • It's easy to add characters.


  • Does not offer any free trial.
  • It offers only one visual style.


It only has a few payment options available to suit the needs of its customers. There is the option for people on the tightest budget who simply want to use Toonly as a tool without any added frills (Premium is $39 per month). There's also one for those looking for an extra bit of customization that may require for their company (Enterprise Is $69 per month).

Who is it for?

Toonly is for you if you need to create your animated explainer video, especially if you're new to creating anything in this style and don't have the expertise or desire to get a designer, animator, or editor involved.

10. Moovly explainer video software

Moovly is a professional video editing software that is an ideal solution for producing great-looking videos. Moovly is an extremely powerful tool allowing you to create videos of any length.

Moovly can import videos, audio, and photos and has a library of ready-made characters and props. When creating explainer videos with a template, you can either use the default settings for each scene and adjust accordingly or edit each scene in detail, no matter how many individuals are. 

These alternatives enable product managers to make their own distinctive digital marketing video without spending hours learning intricate details about how to develop a film that will be utilized as a part of a product's marketing plan.

When searching for explainer video templates on Moovly, you have two different types of results. The first set of template results is available in libraries containing iStock-based footage; although they are free to edit, you will need to pay for the stock footage to download.

Additional features

Moovly has a variety of green screen visuals that may use in a video for various purposes. The Moovly studio launches in its browser window, separate from other tabs, allowing the user to focus on what is presented on top of the photo or mock-up. 


  • You can import video, audio, and photos.
  • You can use stock footage for free.
  • You can edit the scenes of a video as many times as you like.
  • You can add a title to the video.
  • You can use your graphics.
  • You can add a background to the video.


Do not provide any download option in the free plan.


The free version of Moovly is enough for beginners, and the paid subscription is available in three options:

The monthly cost of the Pro plan is $24.92.

The monthly cost of the Max plan is $49.92.

Who is it for?

Moovly is an online tool for animating, editing, and making great-looking graphics. The option to make a shareable video with a click of a button is convenient, but it also saves time while encouraging you to promote your products or services more often.

Renderforest explainer video software

Renderforest is online software that helps you create marketing-focusedCcontent. You can begin uploading your branded and customized icon images with one click. Then select a style pack or start creating your own.

The rederforest permits the users to design the animations with whiteboard animation packs.

You'll take to the animation creation wizard interface, where you'll have access to different scenes to make your film without needing any design software or coding knowledge! We also include the scripts for you to use in any way that works best for your project.

When it comes to explainer video templates, there are no better than the ones available at Renderforest. You can use style packs to craft videos from scratch instead of pre-made templates with content placeholders.

Additional features

Renderforest allows you to import your graphics and audio and create and edit videos with a large library of ready-made scenes and characters.

When creating explainer videos with a template, you can either use the default settings for each scene and adjust accordingly or edit each scene in detail, no matter how many individuals are.


  • Create your explainer video.
  • Select from a range of stock videos and images and add your own.
  • It Includes scripts.
  • Create videos with a range of styles.


  • It requires a subscription.


  • Lite is $9.99/month
  • Amateur is $9.99/month
  • Pro is $19.99/month
  • Agency is $49.99/per month

 Who is it for?

Renderforest is to create videos that are easy to share and promote on social media. It is animated video software that allows users to create explainer videos that include several styles. 

Any individual or team interested in creating an explainer video will find it useful because plenty of styles and options are available to experiment with.

Animoto explainer video software

Animoto is a web-based platform that allows you to create, edit, and publish animated videos with various tools. You have an option to upload your images and videos or use the library of images and videos that are pre-made. 

Then, you can select the style of video you want to create.

There are no better than the ones available at Animoto for explainer video templates. You can use style packs to craft videos from scratch instead of pre-made templates with content placeholders.

The biggest benefit of using Animoto is that you will be provided with all the standard free features when utilizing the free plan. This platform is targeted toward novice users, and it's extremely user-friendly, which means that both personal and professional users alike can easily create, edit and share their video content with others.

Additional features

Animoto combines videography, animation, and social media marketing, offering a unique way to communicate your product or service message. Using simple animated drag and drop features, you can design a video to take advantage of your social media channels, Facebook and YouTube specifically. It's a fantastic tool for showing off your product or business and building brand awareness.


A free plan is extremely user-friendly.

Create your explainer videos.

It comes with a stock picture and video collection.


It does not provide more advanced features and capabilities.


  • Free is $0/month
  • Basic is $8/month
  • Professional is $15/month
  • Professional Plus is $39/per month

Who is it for?

Animoto has become a top choice for video-makers to showcase their work and explore different ways to engage their audience. It's also an ideal choice for beginners new in the video creation/editing field. Animoto is a tool that's specifically designed to make your life easier. You do not need a professional video editor because it can do in a very intuitive way. Each video is pre-made with a specific theme, and you just need to add your text to it, along with the images and videos you have, and it's ready!

Adobe Character Animator

 In Adobe Character Animator, Character animations are customized precisely what you want them to be using various tools. It comes with a selection of editable character templates that you can change to meet your explainer video's style, tone, and mood.

You may also construct your character from the ground up, selecting from several face and bodily possibilities. You can also customize the movements for your character, including lip sync, eye movements, head movements, and gestures. Once you've finished your animation, you can export it in several formats, including AVI, MOV, GIF, and SWF.

This program doesn't include explainer video templates, but you can get pre-built puppets from third-party websites. Then, using your webcam and microphone, you can utilize motion capture and your face motions to manipulate the puppet. You also have fonts and music to choose from that can be played in the background while recording.

Additional features

Adobe Character Animator is software that you can create live-action versions of cartoon characters. That means you could recreate Spongebob Squarepants, Homer Simpson, Tom & Jerry, and others in real life.


Create custom character animations.

Adobe Character Animator is a versatile software.

It's easy to use.

You may also choose from a wide range of face and body features.


There are no templates to use


The standalone version of Adobe Character Animator is now unavailable for purchase. The Adobe Creative Cloud, which costs $52.99 a month, includes it.

Who is it for?

To create an exceptional blog post, entertaining video, or start a profitable business, you need Adobe Character Animator. The program lets you breathe life into images and text that people can interact with across any device that is connected to the web.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Explainer Videos?

Explainer videos are video clips that explain your product or service or promote your company. You can make these using any video editing software like Adobe After Effects, which is also ideal for making short films for advertising purposes.

Do you want to make your marketing videos mobile-friendly?

You can optimize your marketing videos to run smoothly on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. It means you'll need a video format compatible with these devices, and you should avoid any non-optimized features common on websites, such as pop-ups, animations, and scrolling.

What makes the explainer video work so well?

The best explainer videos can make viewers understand how something works in no time. It usually comes with a clear and concise storyboard that is easily understandable. The best explainer videos are usually short, concise, informative, and engaging.

What do most YouTubers use to edit videos?

YouTube creators use several software applications and online video editing tools to edit their content. Some popular ones include Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Apple Motion, Adobe Photoshop, Final Cut Pro X, FCPX, and Avid Media Composer.


In conclusion, this is the easiest step in making a video explainer. Like any other video production, this also requires talent, hard work, creativity, and determination to succeed. However, selecting the appropriate instrument is critical. Explainer videos may be created using a variety of software programs. Some of the most popular include Explaindio, Animoto, and VideoEgg. These tools are all good at their tasks. You need to know what each tool is capable of and what they are suitable for. Don't worry. It is a very short list of software. You'll probably find it a bit overwhelming, but you'll soon get the hang of it if you use it diligently.