April 29, 2022

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9 Best PowToon Alternative and Competitors

What is PowToon Video Maker & why do people use it?

PowToon is a user-friendly, web-based software for creating and editing videos. This visual communication platform makes it easier for individuals, teams, and businesses to create engaging animated videos and presentations. You can use PowToon to create content for marketing, training, product launches, ads, explainer videos, etc.

Not well versed with design skills? PowToon's intuitive and user-friendly interface gives you the freedom to create professional-quality videos and presentations even without much technical knowledge. PowToon has about 100+ video templates, thousands of scenes, backgrounds, and characters to help you can create customized animations. Instead of shelling out hundreds for hiring someone to create videos, you can easily make them yourselves using tools like PowToon at affordable rates.

PowToon offers a free account with an option to upgrade. The standard free plan includes 100MB of storage and video of up to three minutes with basic image quality. Depending on your needs, you can choose from 3 paid plans starting from $19– Pro, Pro+, and Agency

Export and share your creations directly from PowToon on social media and marketing platforms like Youtube, Hubspot, LinkedIn, etc. PowToon secures your data with ISO Certified Private Cloud.

Over 30 million people, including Fortune 500 companies, Ivy League universities, and leading SMBs, actively use PowToon.

Everything you need to know about PowToon alternatives


Animaker is a cloud-based video animation software. You can design animated and live-action videos with ease using the 1000+ built-in templates, 100M+ stock photos, and videos. Their support was quick to respond and one of the best I have seen in consumer software products. Its has a user-friendly UI, making it a popular choice among beginners and professionals.


  1. Extensive character builder- Build and customize your characters with over 15 facial features, facial expressions, and accessories.
  2. Auto lip-sync- Add audio to your characters and watch them say it with auto lip-sync. 
  3. Add Subtitles- You can add subtitles to your videos and improve the accessibility of your content.
  4. Simplify Complex animations- Animaker uses Smart Move to animate complex animations with just the click of a button. It has many unique effects to aid animations like the Camera effect (zoom in and out), animated infographics, and the special Multimove effect, which allows you to move individual objects within a scene.
  5. Add Voice-Over- You can record your voice inside the application and use it with your video or create human-like voices with Animaker's text-to-speech converter.
  6. Multi-user collaboration- Work together with friends or teammates to create videos in Real-Time. 
  7. Easy Resize- You can easily resize the videos.
  8. You can instantly download the video file or upload completed videos to YouTube and Facebook.
  9. Animaker allows users to upload and edit videos at 4K video quality.


1. Animaker is only available online. While working, if there are issues with the internet, it can cause interruptions.

2. I experienced a few times that the published video tends to be different from what I see in editor mode.

3. The search function for animations can use an upgrade. It is not very accurate.

4. Rendering time can be improved. 

5. If you are using the free version, it can get frustrating at times because it's not always clear what is free or not until you try to export your video. 


Animaker provides a free plan, allowing you to try out most features before you commit to the tool. It comes with limited features that allow up to 5 downloads/month with watermark, HD quality, and upload file size of 2GB.

Animaker has 3 paid plans: 

Basic - $20/month

Starter - $35/month

Pro - $79/month

1. The Basic plan is suitable for individuals looking for extensive features and less than 5 downloads/ month.

2. The Starter plan allows 10 downloads/month with Full HD video quality. This plan also has features like lip-syncing, text animation options, various colour editing options, and more.

3. With the Pro plan, you will get 30 downloads/month, 2k video quality, unique characters, and more.

Read more about Animaker alternatives here.


Vyond is another popular cloud-based platform allowing users to create professional 2D animated videos and gifs without much effort. You can create fully customized characters from a library of thousands of clothing options, hairstyles, and facial features. The best part of Vyond is that you can upload your image and instantly create an animated character. 


  1. Vast Library- Vyond has hundreds of customized templates and royalty-free images, music tracks, etc.
  2. Voice-Over- You can directly record your voice over with Vyond.
  3. Vyond offers multiple animation styles, such as Infographic-style videos, 2D animated videos, and whiteboard animations.
  4. 3 Visual Styles- Contemporary, Business Friendly, Whiteboard
  5. Video-Sharing Features – Share videos securely with individuals or your entire team. 
  6. Auto lip-sync- Add your audio, and Vyond will automatically lip-sync your characters.


  1. Vyond does not provide a free plan. They do have a 14-day free trial.
  2. Vyond is comparatively expensive.
  3. You cannot make footage-based videos using Vyond.
  4. Vyond does not have a subtitle feature which can cause an accessibility issue.
  5. It requires you to have good Internet bandwidth. You could experience some slowness when editing the video if there are internet issues.
  6. You cannot draw in Vyond.
  7. It does not provide a quick resize option.


  1. Vyond offers 4 paid plans - Essential, Premium, Professional, and Enterprise.
  2. Essential at $299/year is suitable for creatives on a budget. You can export MP4 videos in 720p resolution. Vyond watermark appears on the video.
  3. Premium at $649/year is suitable for small business needs. You can export MP4 videos in 1080p resolution.
  4. Professional at $999/year is a scalable plan suitable for large-sized businesses. This plan includes advanced features and priority customer service.


Moovly is a great online tool to help you create videos of any style: animated videos, whiteboard-style videos with hands drawing and writing, footage-based videos, and more. It has a free version - so, you can create and publish your videos before committing to the tool.


  1. Voice-over and Subtitles- You can add voice over using hundreds of artificial voices. Moovly automatically generates subtitles and can translate them into any language.
  2. Vast library- There are over 1.3 million free media objects and custom-made video templates that you can use. 
  3. Easy Resize- You can easily copy and resize the videos.
  4. Any visual object you use in your video can be animated independently.
  5. Background Removal- This feature allows you to make the background of a picture or video transparent. Now, you can add a different backdrop to the front objects.
  6. You can publish your video directly from your Moovly account to your channel on video hosting sites. 


  1. To use Moovly, you need to have a good Internet bandwidth since this is an online tool.
  2. I found that it takes an extremely long time to render.
  3. Uploading your videos and images into Moovly can take a long time.
  4. They offer a small selection of video templates (around 50).
  5. Customer service takes longer to respond to as compared to other products.
  6. The transitions and effects in Moovly are good but few.


  1. Moovly has a free plan, which gives you access to over 1 million free stock assets, 20 personal uploads, and the ability to publish to YouTube, Vimeo, etc. The video will have the Moovly branding.
  2. Pro at $49/month gives you 25 downloads/month with HD 1080p video quality and unlimited personal uploads.
  3. Max at $99/month gives you 50 downloads/month and other features such as adding subtitles, text to speech, etc.
  4. If you are a teacher or student, Moovly has education plans with discounted prices.


Wideo hosts many ready-made templates and a rich library of royalty-free images, soundtracks, and design objects to create professional-looking animated videos and presentations. It is one of the best alternatives to PowToon with its intuitive and simplistic user interface.


  1. Super beginner-friendly- You can create animated videos easily with its drag and drop feature.
  2. Easy Resize- I like that with Wideo, you can create vertical videos that are preferable for mobile-centric users. 
  3. You can create storyboards when making videos for your business using the storyboard creator feature in Wideo.
  4. Easy Export- You can Export an MP4 or share it directly to Facebook and YouTube with a single click.
  5. Wideo is best for Marketing professionals, start-ups, small businesses, and content teams who want to create quick and engaging content without much hassle.
  6. Wideo has an excellent collection of clip arts, fonts, design elements, and 80 templates.


  1. The free version allows only 60-second videos. The maximum video length you can make is 30 mins with a paid plan.
  2. You cannot download videos in the free version.
  3. I feel the template quality could be better when compared to other tools.
  4. Audio editing tools could use some improvement.


  1. Wideo has a free plan for you with options to upgrade- Basic $59/month, Pro $99/ month, and Pro+ 199/ month.
  2. The Basic plan gives you only 90 seconds of video time which I feel is not much for the amount paid. 
  3. Pro and Pro+ plans give you access to the full gallery of templates, unlimited storage, and YouTube/Facebook uploads. 
  4. With Pro, you can make 10 min videos. While with Pro+, you get 30 min video length. You can try the product using its 7-day free trial.


Prezi is a hassle-free software that lets you make interactive presentations without much effort and time. If you want to create presentations solely, I recommend using Prezi, as it has a great selection of templates and design elements.


  1. Prezi's analytic feature will help you see which areas of your presentation make the biggest splash and which areas need improvement.
  2. Prezi is available both online and offline. If you have no internet, you can install the desktop app to continue your work.
  3. You can import ppt and customize them using Prezi.
  4. You can create your brand kit in Prezi with your company's logo, colors, and fonts.


  1. Prezi is a presentation creation software. It is not the best platform if you are looking to create videos like Facebook ads, training videos, etc.
  2. It has a limited number of transitions.
  3. The learning curve to creating new slides from scratch without using templates could be daunting initially.


  1. Prezi offers a free plan where you can make and share up to 5 projects. 
  2. You can upgrade to Plus at $12/month or Premium at $16/ month for creating unlimited projects. With Premium, you can take advantage of Prezi's analytical feature. This feature is ideal for business professionals.
  3. Prezi also offers discounted plans starting at $3/month for students and educators.
  4. Try out Prezi's features before committing, with its 14-day free trial period.


Doodly is a whiteboard doodling software that helps you create engaging whiteboard videos in minutes. You can either create your own doodles or drag and drop from Doodly's library of 1000s of custom-drawn doodle images.  


  1. Incredibly easy to use
  2. Voice-Over- You can import your voice-over and sync it with your doodle sketch.
  3. Along with white, there are different board styles available- Blackboard, Greenboard, Glassboard, and custom, where you could choose any color for the background.
  4. Doodly uses its Smart Draw technology to create point-and-click custom draw paths, allowing you to draw any images you upload yourself.
  5. If you are looking to create training or teaching videos, Facebook Ads, or fun videos, I suggest giving Doodly a try.


  1. Doodly requires an internet connection. Weak reception can make the experience annoying.
  2. The audio features are pretty basic and require updates.
  3. Doodly can take a relatively long time to export content. It can take up to 40 minutes or longer to export a 5-minute animation.


  1. Doodly comes with 2 pricing plans-
  2. Standard - $39/ month and Enterprise -$69/month
  3. The primary difference between the plans is the number of doodles, sounds, fonts, etc., that will be available to you. In the Standard Plan, you can only create in black and white.
  4. Doodly does not offer a trial period. It does have a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Toonly is an easy-to-use software that can help us create animated explainer videos. You can create videos swiftly by selecting the custom-drawn backgrounds and characters from Toonly's libraries. Toonly was created by the parent company of Doodly software.


  1. Once you purchase Toonly, you can install and use it on multiple devices. 
  2. Voice-Over- You can easily upload voice-overs or add your voice by simply clicking the record button and talking.
  3. Toonly has tonnes of custom-made scenes that can help you create videos fast. Each scene combines a background, character(s), and props into one complete package.
  4. Toonly's library has about 510 character images, 30 characters with 17 pose each, 81 different backgrounds and scenes, and 100 royalty-free audio tracks. 
  5. If you are looking to create videos for training, sales pitch, or ads, then Toonly is an option you can consider.


  1. If you want to create your custom animations, then Toonly is not for you. In Toonly, you have to work with the animations provided in the software.
  2. Toonly does not have a free trial. However, it does have a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  3. You have to remember to save your work! Toonly does not have an auto-save option.
  4. I would not recommend Toonly if you are looking for a built-in feature to generate subtitles. You will have to use an external tool to produce subtitles in Toonly.


  1. Similar to Doodly, Toonly comes with 2 pricing plans-
  2. Standard - $39/ month and Enterprise -$69/month
  3. The primary difference between the plans is the number of prop images, sounds, scenes, transitions, etc., that will be available to you. The Enterprise plan gives you access to Toonly Club where you can get new Characters & Props Monthly.
  4. With both plans, you get premium support and you can create unlimited videos.


Animoto is one of the reasonably priced video editors out there. It is extremely user-friendly. So, if you are on a tight budget or new to the scenes of video editing, Animoto is a worthy option.


  • Animoto is cloud-based, meaning you need not download any heavy software on your device and can access it from multiple devices.
  • Animoto has pre-built marketing storyboards and over 3,000 licensed music tracks. Animoto's library has over 1 million images and videos sourced from Getty Images.
  • Animoto has hundreds of customizable templates, making it a good fit for personal and professional use.
  • Easily record, upload, and edit your voice-over.
  • Create videos in any of the 3 aspect ratios- Square, Landscape, Vertical and easily resize them in Animoto.
  • You can upload your brand colors, logos, and fonts to make every video on-brand.


  1. Animoto lacks creative control and flexibility, making it unfavorable for large projects that require more versatility.
  2. It has only about 40 options in its font library.
  3. Since it is cloud-based, a bad connection can lead to lags.
  4. Animoto only supports English.
  5. With Animoto, you cannot control or make subtle changes to one part of the video without affecting the entire video.


  1. Animoto has a Free plan where you get access to all its standard features but with an Animoto branding watermark.
  2. If you want to avoid the Animoto watermark and have an HD 1080p quality, there are 3 paid plans you can choose from- Basic: $16 /month, Professional: $29 /month, Professional Plus: $79 /month.
  3. In the Professional plan, you can add voice-over and get access to 40 fonts. With Professional Plus, you can upload your own font and a 30-minute consultation with a video expert and other features.
  4. All plans include unlimited video creation and social sharing.

Adobe Express (formerly Adobe Spark)

Adobe Express is a popular graphic design app. It has thousands of templates for social media graphics, stories, thumbnails, posters, flyers, business cards, logos, and more. You can create compelling social media posts, videos, and even one-page websites using Express.


  1. Express has intuitive Adobe tools that instantly resize and adjusts content to fit any size.
  2. You can easily import videos and trim, crop, and convert them.
  3. Adobe has a good collection of fonts. Choose from 18,000 licensed fonts in the Adobe Fonts Library.
  4. Express gives you the creative freedom to customize predesigned graphics and text.
  5. Easily remove backgrounds to add shapes, colors, graphics, and more.
  6. Keep all content on-brand by uploading your brand logos, colors, images, etc.


  1. The free version will have Adobe branding.
  2. Though we can have the background removal feature, it does not work very well at times compared to Photoshop.
  3. The interface may become a tad cumbersome for creatives unfamiliar with Adobe tools.
  4. The collaboration feature could be better to make sharing content within the team easier.
  5. Customer service is not the best for Adobe Express.
  6. It is pricier. The hardware requirement is higher for running Adobe Creative Cloud Express.


  1. Adobe has a free plan which provides all the core features with 2GB of storage. The free version will have Adobe branding and basic editing and photo effects.
  2. You can get access to hundreds of templates, 160 million images, sounds, 20,000 licensed Adobe Fonts, etc., in the Adobe library with the Premium plan at $9.99/month. 
  3. If you require huge storage space, I suggest you go for the Premium plan, which gives you 100 GB of space.
  4. Try the 30-day trial period before you commit to the Premium plan.

Please note that all these prices are for monthly subscriptions. Once you are sure of the tool you want to use, I suggest going for the yearly plans and saving around 50%.

Feature-by-feature comparison of PowToon alternatives and websites similar to Powtoon

1. Video Templates

Winner: Animaker

Runner Up: Vyond

If you are in a pinch, creatively or time-wise, Video templates can help you out. Animaker has over 1000+ professionally made templates that you can use and tweak as per your choice. You can choose from a plethora of animated or live-action templates for different occasions.

Though less in number, Vyond also hosts hundreds of built-in templates that you can customize to suit your brand. There are templates belonging to various styles like Contemporary, Business Friendly, and Whiteboard. 

2. Ease of use 

Winner: Wideo

Runner Up: Animoto

Wideo is extremely beginner-friendly owing to its intuitive interface, drag and drop feature, and diverse collection of built-in templates. You can resize content easily and directly share your content on social media platforms from Wideo. 

Animoto comes a close second with respect to ease of use. It has a good collection of templates and Quick Resize options.

3. Customizations of characters

Winner: Vyond

Runner Up: Animaker

If you are looking for diversity in characters, Vyond is preferable as it has a vast selection of options like clothes, body type, eye and nose type, etc. Vyond is much suited for professional use. It offers most customizations of characters. Since it has only 2D characters, some may find it less pleasing than 3D options.

Animaker has a good selection available for customization, but it is limited if compared to Vyond. It is cheaper and more aesthetic owing to its 3D features.

4. Customer Service

Winner: Animaker

Runner Up: Vyond/ Wideo

Animaker has one of the best customer services in consumer software products. They are quick to respond and resolve our issues. Animaker has 3 tiers of support based on your subscribed plan. If you are subscribed to their Starter & Pro Plans, you will receive Premium Support. You will receive higher priority than users over email and chat. 

Vyond and Wideo house a responsive customer support team as well. You can start up a live chat, submit an email, call support, etc., with Vyond. Vyond and Wideo provide an option for priority queue when you have their Professional/Pro+ option, which is perfect for businesses to avoid any downtime.

5. Aesthetics

Winner: Adobe Express/ Animaker

Runner Up: Doodly

Adobe has been in the graphic designing industry since a long time and that shows in the templates and images available in Express. Where Express shines in the graphics and page templates, Animaker has top billing in aesthetically pleasing animated video templates, characters, and backgrounds.

Whiteboard videos are important for most businesses and have a different allure. I have mentioned Doodly for this reason. Doodly specifically helps you create whiteboard videos and have a vast library of professionally-made doodles and backgrounds.

The real answer to which is the best Powtoon Alternative

After reading through the features, you can see that there is not just ONE best alternative to PowToon that fits all. The best alternative may vary depending on your use case, budget, preference, etc.

  • For Freelancers and Small teams with budget constraints looking to create quick and engaging videos, I recommend going for Animoto. It is easy to use, reasonably priced, and has hundreds of templates and over a million images and videos in its library. But if you have a flexible budget, then Animaker would be a better choice. You get the added option to make customized animated videos.
  • If you are a business with a large team and a flexible budget, Vyond will suit your needs. Though on the pricier side, Vyond makes it easier to collaborate and share content within a team and provides enterprise-level security to your data. You could consider Moovly as well if you need to create footage-based videos.
  • Looking to make whiteboard videos exclusively? I would suggest trying out Doodly, so you would not end up paying for features you do not need.
  • Interested in making presentations only? Prezi would be an attractive option.
  • Best Free Tool: Animaker has the best free plan if we consider the video quality and freedom to download. We can download up to 5 videos/month of HD video quality on top of access to basic features. 

FAQs about Powtoon and its alternatives

Are there Free PowToon alternatives?

Animaker, Wideo, Moovly, Animoto, and Adobe Express have free plans for you to explore.

They have limited features as compared to their paid plans. But they are a good option for you to test the waters before committing to the software. These are great if you need to create short videos and are not a frequent user.

Animaker allows 5 downloads/ month, while the rest do not provide a download feature in the free plan. You can view videos in HD in Animaker and Animoto, while you will have to settle for an SD quality video in Moovly. You can create videos of up to 2 minutes in Moovly and Animaker and up to 1 minute on Wideo while on the free plan.

In a free plan, you still get access to the libraries with templates, images, props, etc., but again they would be limited compared to the paid version.

All videos and content in the free plan will have the software brand watermark.

How can I get PowToon Pro for free?

Want the Pro features without paying a dime? You can now get 4 days of free Pro content!

You can sign up for a free Powtoon account and receive a gift- 4 days during which you can use all the premium (Pro and Pro+) content in the PowToon Studio: templates, scenes, characters, backgrounds, designed text, props, shapes, and more. These PowToons can be exported to various formats including YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

After the 4 days expire, you can easily upgrade your account if you wish to continue enjoying the ease of premium features. 

Which is better - Animaker or PowToon? 

Animaker and PowToon are moderately user-friendly and have a sizeable collection of backgrounds, animated images, and templates you can drag and drop into your creation. 

Animaker has better product support as compared to PowToon. If you are looking for more options in character customization, then Animaker is a better option. Animaker has more facial features, expressions, and actions. 

Both have free plans you can use to feel out the tool. In the free plan, you can create a video of only 2 minutes in Animaker and a 3 minutes video in Powtoon.

Animaker is more budget-friendly as compared to PowToon. Animaker has a maximum download limit of 30 videos/ month unless you are on the Enterprise plan. While PowToon offers unlimited downloads starting from $69/month. So, it comes down to how many downloads you will need in a month.

I found that Animaker is a tad easier to use than PowToon. 

You can play around with the free version and decide which tool suits your needs better.

Which is better - Moovly or PowToon?

You can use Moovly and Powtoon to create engaging animated and whiteboard videos. 

I found that when it comes to ease of use, I would prefer Moovly. While Moovly is cheaper than Powtoon, it lacks good customer support. It is easier doing business with Powtoon. 

The aesthetics of Powtoon templates are more suited for content creation in social media and marketing, while Moovly templates appeal more to businesses and professionals. When it comes to graphics assets like custom-made templates, images, sounds, and props, PowToon comes ahead.

Both have free plans you can use to feel out the tool. If you are on the free plan, you can only create a video of 2 minutes in Moovly and a 3 minutes video in Powtoon.

How can I get a free PowToon trial?

PowToon offers a 14-day free trial period. You can use this period to test out PowToon's features and see if it suits your needs.

  1. To start your free trial, go to the PowToon website: https://www.PowToon.com/Sign up by entering your email id and password or using Google/Facebook.
  2. Once done, you'll receive a confirmation mail at your email address. Confirm and get started with using PowToon. Your free trial will begin immediately.

Which are the 5 Best animation websites?  

We have weighed the pros and cons and these 5 tools have come ahead:

  • Animaker- Animaker ranks pretty high since it offers most in its free plan and gives the best value in paid plans. You can create animated or live-action videos, add voice-over and subtitles easily, instantly resize to fit different social media ratios, and perform complex animations easily with Smart Move technology. Animaker has an auto lip-sync feature and a library of thousands of pre-made templates and royalty-free images and music.
  • Vyond- If you have a sizeable budget to spare, Vyond is a good option to create professional 2D animated or Whiteboard videos, and gifs easily. With Vyond, your characters move, act, and behave just like real people, and you have a ton of customization features if you are looking for diversity. However, Vyond does not support closed captioning.
  • Wideo- The feature that gets Wideo on this list is its user-friendliness. A beginner can easily create professional-looking animated videos and presentations. It has a respectable number of templates and props, images, and sounds in its library. You get Easy Resize, export, and share options with Wideo.
  • Moovly- Moovly is one of the few tools that can make videos of any type: animated, whiteboard-style, footage-based videos, and more. It has over 1.3 million free media objects and pre-made templates. You can add subtitles, convert text to voice, transcribe audio to subtitles and add voice-over to your videos.
  • Animoto- Animoto makes it to the list for being a hassle-free budget-friendly option. It is an easy-to-use tool. Animoto's library has over 1 million images and videos and hundreds of customizable templates. You can upload your fonts, brand colors, and logos and easily add voice-over to your videos. 

Which are the top 5 PowToon Alternatives without watermark? 

All the paid versions of the 9 tools listed here give you watermark-free content. Comparing our 9 listed alternatives for their quality of customer service, the number of templates and resources, ease of use, and value for money, we have the following Top 5 Alternatives to PowToon without watermark:

  1. Animaker
  2. Vyond
  3. Wideo
  4. Moovly
  5. Animoto

Each of them provides 2+ paid plans that cater to different creatives. You can choose the one that suits you the best and gives you the most value.